People are getting comfortable again with businesses back up and running. People have slowly been returning to work and leisure activities. Things don’t seem so bad anymore, perhaps because we’ve grown used to living in a pandemic. And while maybe now still isn’t the time to plan a vacation to Disneyland, people are starting to go out more. Maybe you can walk along the not-so-busy boardwalk, or takes selfies for Instagram along Blagden Alley. Bags are being packed again, and hotels are filling back up. Plane tickets are still at an affordable rate, and so are Airbnb’s.

Perhaps it’s a refreshing feeling of you checking for your keys or wallet while heading to your flight. However, even in the midst of getting back to ‘normal life’ routines, vacations pose good panic questions (as they always do): Who will take care of the company while everyone’s out of office? Who will be there for the call answering? Who will schedule appointments? Will you have to check in on this all the time since you just got the company back up and running? The answer is simple – seek out administrative services from Officense’s fully-trained Executive Assistants.


Officense’s Executive Assistants handle your call answering, greet your clients, schedule appointments, and even handle your mail, all while your miles away from the office. Our Executive Assistants are the perfect solution for any software development company to avoid missing important calls and business opportunities. We can maintain a professional image for your web development firm while delivering class-A services to your clientele. We can handle all types of phone calls, guide the callers per your instruction, and even keep track of your schedule while you obtain a sun-kissed tan, or just focus on your other work at hand.

Don’t let your voicemail get full from all the software and web development requests coming through. Officense’s team can ease your mind with our phone answering services that are available to run anytime you choose. We can maintain phone answering at any time of the day via our 24/7 phone answering service, or only during regular business hours. Our Executive Assistants are trained with other administrative tasks also, such as: data entry and spreadsheet management, filing and scanning documents, sending and receiving faxes, and handling applications or other important files.


With Officense by your side, your development firm’s needs are our priority. We strive to fulfill any service you may need. We have professional Executive Assistants who will make your clients feel valued, and leave you with less worries about how to keep your business’s doors open (even if they aren’t physically open again just yet). Give us a call at 410-814-7500, or send an email to for further details.