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Author: Elena Goldsborough

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you take a hands-on role in keeping things going yourself. You may wonder how to balance the two roles, fielding calls from customers, suppliers and others while still running your business and spending quality time with your family over the summer break coming up.


The best way to never miss a call this summer break is with Officense Business Phone Service. Depending on the type of incoming call, we adjust our call handling according to your instruction. We answer and screen your calls, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! We can capture the sales lead information for you, share information about your company or even schedule an appointment while you are busy.

Business Phone Service

Selecting a Business Phone Service may be challenging, but using it should be nothing but easy. Your organization needs a cost-effective business phone service that offers exceptional reliability, quality, outstanding customer service, and features to match your needs. With an understanding of the capabilities and attributes that are important, you can sort through the abundance of options available with confidence. And it’s all here in one place – at Officense.

Stay professional.

Our on-site receptionists greet your clients in a friendly manner and project a professional image for your company. We answer and screen your calls, per your instructions, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! At Officense, we focus on delivering a level of service unmatched by any other Business Phone Service.

Fostering the Local Start-up

Local Start-up

Taking to leap to start a local Start-up takes tenacity, determination, and true grit. Traditionally, support provides for startups focused on amassing resources rather than creating a community of connections to open the door for budding entrepreneurs. Additionally, a start-up business is more likely to receive assistance if they had a scalable product or idea. This is due to traded business allowing venture capitalist to have a quicker and more lucrative business launch. Unfortunately, this does not typically foster a city’s local industries such as health services, construction, or legal services.

Who Starts the Local start-up?

Local start-ups are traditionally created by your long-time local resident. Someone who wants to work for themselves and fill a void in the local economy. This could be a lawyer looking to open a practice or a construction professional looking to start their own construction firm. It could be anyone really who wants to make the leap from working to running a new business.

What Type of Resources Does a Local Start-up Need?

Let’s say a fresh law school graduate decides to open a practice. This means the new lawyer will require an address to receive mail, a dedicated phone number, professional office space, and staff to greet his clients. This provides the young attorney will a professional appearance to his newly formed business. A professional appearance can make or break sign new clients to get the firm up and running. At Officense we have experience with providing assistance to the neglected local start-ups.

Choosing Your Resources

Our clients include lawyer, contractors, CPA, Caterers, health service trainers, therapists, doctors, and so many more. With our expertise in providing the professional experience, we frequently provide insight into how a new client can grow their local business. Furthermore, Our company was recently highlighted by Launchopedia article, “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Spotlight: Baltimore, MD” as a premier co-working space for the local start-up. Please look into our various services to see how our company can foster your local start-up. Finally, Don’t be afraid to take the leap and start your business today with Officense at your back!

Vacation? Let Virtual Assistants Help!

Going Away?           

Spring is here, Summer is coming, and the end of the school year is approaching. All of this could only mean one thing – Vacation! Now is the perfect time to plan your vacation to Walt Disney World with your family in Orlando. Perhaps you can visit the casinos in Las Vegas.  or tour the Statue of Liberty in New York.

How Will You Manage While Away?

Bags are packed, hotels are booked, and plane tickets are ready for your Vacation! Before you go away do you ever have that feeling you forgot something such as your keys, your wallet, or your hat? Who will take care of your company when you are away on Vacation? How will your calls get handled? Where will your mail go? The answer is simple – Virtual Assistants.

 Virtual Assistants Can Help!

Virtual Assistants can handle your mail, schedule appointments, answer incoming calls, and greet your clients while you are miles away. In addition, they are able to keep track of your schedule while you obtain the perfect tan on the beach. We have the perfect solution for you and your company to avoid important calls going to voicemail. Never miss a business opportunity, or a decrease in revenue and profit while on vacation.

Additional tasks that an assistant is able to do to help ease your mind while you are on vacation:

·         Data entry

·         Creating and managing spreadsheets

·         Filing time-sensitive or confidential documents

·         Scanning documents

·         Sending and receiving faxes

·         Handling applications or other important files

·         Email handling


With Officense by your side, your needs are our priority and we strive to fulfill any service you may need. We have professional Virtual Assistants who will make your clients feel valued and appreciated while you’re away. To get started, give us a call at 410-814-7500 for further details.

Reception Desk

Executive assistants are essential to a company’s daily operations. They are the conduits to your customers. They give the first impression and convey your company’s message, which is key for your new brand’s image. For every company, especially a startup, customers are extremely important for the future of your business.


In Micah Solomon’s article “Leadership is Swell, But Your Receptionist Makes or Breaks Your Business” he claims a “clueless receptionist today, a bankrupt business tomorrow”. His article provides the example of the Ritz Carlton Hotels rigorous training for their receptionists. This customer service focused approach is based on their belief that every single employee is a representation of the brand. Solomon believes that the first and last impression creator is among the most important positions in your enterprise.” At Officense we share Solomon’s belief when training our Executive Assistants.


Now, I understand that a startup business may not always have the means to provide rigorous customer-service training for their employees. Or perhaps, even have the time to hire or train new employees at all. In an interview, a first-time business owner gave tips to make a successful startup company. Her #1 tip was to “Keep a Lean Team and Spend Wisely,” where she advises avoiding unnecessary hires and spending every dollar intentionally. This cost efficiency is what all startup business owners can connect with.  As a business owner, having an executive assistant would allow you to use your time adequately. But there is simply not enough time or money to hire and train these employees. Minimum wage in Maryland is increasing and not to mention shelling out for benefits like healthcare, parking, and retirement. Keeping a full-time Executive Assistant may not fit the budget or be your best option.


Having professionally trained executive assistants who exude your new brand’s image, without having to spend time training, while staying on budget. I know what you are thinking- this is not possible for my business. Well, with Officense it is! At Officense you will have a team of executive assistants, both in office and virtually, who tailor services to your company’s needs. Our team comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant on your own. Finally, you gain a fully trained staff that will give your startup the great first impression it needs.

We have executive assistants to answer your calls, greet your clients, follow up with leads, schedule appointments, and much more. We also provide high-end business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as live 24/7 call answering services. Give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to meet your new staff and tour your new prestigious business location, today!

Working Remotely

Can You Remotely Work?

Can you remotely do it?

Imagine telling someone 15 years ago that you do not have to go to an office to work. You can handle work calls, manage your office, and save your business money, all from the beach, mountain resort, or your bed remotely. They would have called you crazy. They might remind you that you were forgetting about your normal daily-grind.  Think about all of your basic duties when showing up to a traditional office. How could you remotely handle that?  In 2019 work is happening everywhere and anywhere except traditional office spaces, and employers and employees are loving it.

Is it to much money?

As time goes on, the cubicles and costly office space of the past is adding up to be a poor decision. Especially in the current fast paced, technology driven business world. The trend line is clear. Offices are falling by the wayside and new services are replacing them. The costs of a traditional office are simply too much for some small businesses. Start-up cost are increasing, entrepreneurs are rejecting these unnecessary expenses for more efficient solutions. Besides costing less, the advantages of virtual space are higher productivity and general job satisfaction. Anyone would be happier taking a work call while relaxing on the couch rather than in an office! How could you remotely go back to a traditional office setting?

You still need a place to meet

While the physical idea of being in an office is changing, the implications and thought process behind the word are not. People are interactive and social beings and still need a way to communicate face to face comfortably and efficiently. The traditional office is dead but the temporary office space, conference facility, and hourly business setting are all alive and well. Working remotely and using technology doesn’t eliminate a need to present a professional office image when you need it. It can make it outrageous to pay for a traditional space year-round, when the actual time you are using it is very minimal.

The solution is remotely simple

Maybe we’re a little ahead of our time here at Officense, offering creative alternatives to the traditional office for over 10 years. Being able to remotely handle things is the next step. But it’s like Shel Silverstein said, “If you’re behind the times, they won’t notice you. If you’re right in tune with them, you’re no better than they are, so they won’t care much for you. Be just a little ahead of them.”