Author: Elena Goldsborough

Primary Business Address; Downtown Business Address

Your Downtown Business Address

The first step in establishing any business is getting a primary business address. A business needs an address to receive a license, have an SEO presence, and accept mail. You have several options such as using your home address, purchasing a P.O. box, or getting a downtown business address.

The Home Address

Option 1: You could use your home address, but who wants customers stumbling up their front steps at all hours of the day. Homes should be private sanctuaries to get away from the daily grind. What if you have a disgruntled customer or someone trying to serve your legal documents banging on your front door? Now, they know where you live! Finally, Google is no longer accepting home addresses as the business address for SEO listings.

The P.O. Box

Option 2: In some cases, a P.O. box can be used as a business address. However, your business may require a physical office to be inspected to receive a license. Additionally, you can only pick up your mail during the scheduled hours of your US Post Office. That is crazy and inconvenient with a business owner’s busy schedule! Finally, Google is no longer accepting P.O. boxes as the business address for SEO listings.

Is There A Better Business Address Option?

In today’s society, a business’s livelihood can hinge on its SEO presence. The costly solution is to go sign a commercial lease for office space that is going to lock you in for 5 years. Furthermore, it may not be in an ideal area due to budget constraints. This is where Officense saves the day! We offer a prestigious business address in a downtown location right along the Inner Harbor. Our primary business address package provides an SEO approved address, registered agent services, and 24/7 access to your mail.  Finally, we offer at gratis a fully staffed reception desk from 9 am to 5 pm to greet and assist your clients. This is all without you being in the office. Click to receive your quote for a business address today!


The Benefits of Coworking Space

Shared Space
Coworking Space

The business world has been praising the success of co-working space in offices. Indeed, they have many benefits for dynamic companies. Coworking space promotes teamwork, healthy work relationships, and assists with company office costs.


Ah, teamwork! This dreaded activity is one that everyone can relay a horror story on. Indeed, many businesses have a difficult time promoting collaboration through teamwork among their employees. One sublet tactic for promoting teamwork is creating a co-working space within your office. It allows your employees to see the work others are doing and potentially offer assistance. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” If co-working space promotes collaboration, then it is pivotal to provide this to your staff.


Shared Space can also foster healthy work relationships. These spaces promote interaction among your employees. Spending positive time with one’s coworkers can assist with employee retention and overall corporate culture. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work if they have workplace friends. Who wants to come to work and feel like a stranger among their colleagues? Answer: No one … Therefore, savvy business needs coworking to save to have happy employees and a collaborative work environment.


Having multiple offices or cubicles for your employees is not a cost-effective use of office space for most businesses. For example, if your company provides flex working hours, then does your company really need a huge office filled with desks for individual employees? Coworking space has the potential to require less construction and costly cubicle walls. Instead, allow your office to breath well protecting your profit margin. Another benefit for businesses is telecommuting employees can utilize the co-working space, during the times their briefly in the office.

If your business is in the market for High-end office or co-working space, give Officense a call! We provide all-inclusive business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give us a call at (410)- 814-7500 to schedule your tour of our downtown location, today!

Is your Planning Firm HUBZone Qualified?

HUBZone Certification MapAnyone in the private side Planning knows that being able to lock in your next contract is key to survival. Securing government contracts with large payouts can be a rigorous and lengthy process as the government attempts to spread the economic wealth. One option to give your firm an edge is through HUBZone Certification or an Enterprise Zone Approved office location.

Becoming Certified

The HUBZone Certification program, run by the U.S. Small Business Administration, can provide you planning firm with an edge. So, If your business is primarily located or has a satellite office in an area which is historically underutilized by business, aka a HUBZone, then your firm could receive preferred treatment in the bidding process. This leverage applies to government contracts called “Set-Asides.” Set-Asides reserved by the government can only be bid on by small businesses who are HUBZone Certified. The HUBZone Certification allows your firm to bid on these contracts and get a 10 % price evaluation preference in full and open government contract competitions.

Applying for HUBZone Status

The first step to applying is to have an office within a HUBZone. You can check if your location is qualified at this link by entering your address. If your office location is not in a HUBZone, then don’t fret! As shown in the map, our office at the Inner Harbor is within a HUBZone. We provide address services, office space, and reception services at a competitive rate. Finally, once you have signed up with us, your business has overcome a major hurdle to acquiring HUBZone status. Plus, you get an office and dedicated staff in a premier downtown location.  Don’t let your firm miss out on these lucrative contracts. Sign up today through our website or give us a call at 410-814-7500.

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you take a hands-on role in keeping things going yourself. You may wonder how to balance the two roles, fielding calls from customers, suppliers and others while still running your business and spending quality time with your family over the summer break coming up.


The best way to never miss a call this summer break is with Officense Business Phone Service. Depending on the type of incoming call, we adjust our call handling according to your instruction. We answer and screen your calls, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! We can capture the sales lead information for you, share information about your company or even schedule an appointment while you are busy.

Business Phone Service

Selecting a Business Phone Service may be challenging, but using it should be nothing but easy. Your organization needs a cost-effective business phone service that offers exceptional reliability, quality, outstanding customer service, and features to match your needs. With an understanding of the capabilities and attributes that are important, you can sort through the abundance of options available with confidence. And it’s all here in one place – at Officense.

Stay professional.

Our on-site receptionists greet your clients in a friendly manner and project a professional image for your company. We answer and screen your calls, per your instructions, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! At Officense, we focus on delivering a level of service unmatched by any other Business Phone Service.

Fostering the Local Start-up

Local Start-up

Taking to leap to start a local Start-up takes tenacity, determination, and true grit. Traditionally, support provides for startups focused on amassing resources rather than creating a community of connections to open the door for budding entrepreneurs. Additionally, a start-up business is more likely to receive assistance if they had a scalable product or idea. This is due to traded business allowing venture capitalist to have a quicker and more lucrative business launch. Unfortunately, this does not typically foster a city’s local industries such as health services, construction, or legal services.

Who Starts the Local start-up?

Local start-ups are traditionally created by your long-time local resident. Someone who wants to work for themselves and fill a void in the local economy. This could be a lawyer looking to open a practice or a construction professional looking to start their own construction firm. It could be anyone really who wants to make the leap from working to running a new business.

What Type of Resources Does a Local Start-up Need?

Let’s say a fresh law school graduate decides to open a practice. This means the new lawyer will require an address to receive mail, a dedicated phone number, professional office space, and staff to greet his clients. This provides the young attorney will a professional appearance to his newly formed business. A professional appearance can make or break sign new clients to get the firm up and running. At Officense we have experience with providing assistance to the neglected local start-ups.

Choosing Your Resources

Our clients include lawyer, contractors, CPA, Caterers, health service trainers, therapists, doctors, and so many more. With our expertise in providing the professional experience, we frequently provide insight into how a new client can grow their local business. Furthermore, Our company was recently highlighted by Launchopedia article, “Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Spotlight: Baltimore, MD” as a premier co-working space for the local start-up. Please look into our various services to see how our company can foster your local start-up. Finally, Don’t be afraid to take the leap and start your business today with Officense at your back!