Author: Elena Goldsborough

Time managementEveryone at some point has trouble managing their time. Time Management is a stressful activity in many business settings. Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Contractors and even CEOs can feel the strain of poor time management effect on their businesses and performance at work. Detailed appointment scheduling can improve your business’ time management.

Late Arrivals Solved with Appointment Scheduling

For example, if a doctor runs overtime with a patient at 8 AM, then he’s late for all his other appointments or playing catch up because of not keeping to the schedule. Furthermore, being late, running over, or forgetting appointment is extremely costly to businesses in every industry. According to a survey by CareerBuilder in 2017, 25% of employees are late at least once a month and 16% are tardy more than once a month to work. Being late effects everyone, no business is immune to this phenomenon. But, wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution to keep yourself on time as a business owner?

Officense has your time management solution at the ready with HiLivePro’s appointment scheduling professionals. Our college educated assistants will use your shared calendar to set appointments for your business, while collecting a detailed set of information for you to better asset your clients’ needs before appointment take place. Finally, our assistants can provide lead tracking on your scheduled appointments for your marketing department. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. That’s the added value of HiLivePro, we can even classify your appointments for more complex scheduling. Don’t let disorganization affect your business. Have HiLivePro keep you on track for business success!

THIS WEEKEND- Artscape Baltimore Starts

ArtscapeFor the last 36 years the celebration of Artscape has elevated the family friendly fun of summer in Baltimore. Starting on this Friday, July 21st, Artscape, the largest free Art festival will be starting for yet another year. Are you going to join us in the fun? Artscape is an event that celebrates and showcases the artistic talents of painters, musicians, sculptors, dancers, photographers, and so many more.

Artscape 2017

The festival offers a chance for everyone to explore new artists and enjoy a free outing in the city. Perhaps you will attend one of the many concerts or shop the artisans’ stalls for your next art experience. To find out the events schedule for Artscape click on this link.  Also, do not forget about the amazing street food that will be available! Sounds like a great time to grab a funnel cake or even tacos from the many vendors servicing the event. The festival is being held around Mount Royal Avenue & Cathedral Street, Charles Street, Bolton Hill, and Station North Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods with various events at each location. The Festival will end on Sunday, July 23rd, so do not miss out on all the family friendly entertainment.

We hope to see you there! We are a proud supporter of local businesses in Baltimore and would love to assist your business, today! Rest assured, Officense has got your business during the festival whether it’s answering your calls, processing your mail, or greeting your clients. If you need office or conferencing space over the festival weekend give us a call!

Work WeekThe journey towards our current 40-hour work week started in 1866, when the American Labor Union petitioned the federal government to create an eight-hour workday (Lebowitz, 2015).  Until it became a professional norm in 1940, Labor Unions continued to push for institutionalizing the 40-hour work week. Most Americans have been following this set work week schedule for over 75 years, but many professionals still work more than 40 hours (Lebowitz, 2015).

A Performance Based Work Week

What is a healthy and productive balance of work hours in the work week? Evidence suggests that longer hours over a period of time equals lower productivity, but that periodic bursts of longer hours can improve a worker’s performance (Joseph and Yarrow, 2015). An Article published by The Independent, highlighted a Swedish study and a Stanford University study, which both showed data supported the theory that shorter work hours leads to increased productivity and output (Greenfield, 2016). Wouldn’t it be nice to work less, but still meet your goals?

It’s time for American professionals and companies to embrace this trend. Our Office supports the new short work week by offering a flexible office environment. Perhaps you or your employees are more productive between the hours of 2 AM to 5 AM or 10 PM to 1 AM. Normal office settings may not allow you the freedom to work when and for however long you will be productive.

At Officense, break free from the traditional office with our unique After-Hours Access feature to use fully furnished offices and conference rooms with free high-speed Wi-Fi, whenever you want. If your business operates on non-traditional hours or your employees work five-hour days, look to Officense for your business solution.

Virtual Office

Virtual Offices can be a blessing to business’ like yours! Let me paint you a picture… Ron is the CEO of a Baltimore startup, who wants to keep his overhead low, but simultaneously have a professional address for his new business. Currently, he is using his home address for his business, which can look unreliable to potential new clients. Ron was considering a virtual office solution for his company that would cost XXXXX. He has shopped around to various virtual companies and thus far has been unable to find a high-quality virtual office. But, that was until he found Officense! Our Virtual Office packages starting at only $99.

Officense’s Virtual Offices Packages Compared to the Competition?

With Officense, you have a prestigious downtown virtual address to advertise as the home base or additional location of your company that includes all your company needs, such as virtual mailboxes, assisting clients, and meetings space. When you use our facilities, you can enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi, professional Executive Assistants, 24-hour access to private offices and conference rooms, as well as other great perks.

At Officense, we can even answer your business calls. Our Executive Assistants will work with you and your employees to create customized instructions to handle your business calls at a discounted rate as a member with Officense. You can be instantly connected to your clients from anywhere! Never miss a call or client with Officense, your Instant Business Office.

For more information, call 410-814-7500 to schedule a tour of your new virtual office.


Business Incubator
As a business incubator, Baltimore is the place to be if you’re a budding startup. What makes a particular location a top business incubator? Is it low-cost office space or is it business services offered within a community?

Startup Requirements

Firstly, let us examine what a startup needs to thrive. The Maryland Business Incubator Association states: “the resources that young companies need to grow [are] management guidance, technical assistance and consulting; flexible rental space; shared basic business services and equipment; virtual memberships; technology support services; and assistance in obtaining financing.” Along with these wonderful resources, a new business also needs a dedicated phone service for all their new clients to reach them. A dedicated business line, with live answering, will improve client retention for any business. Furthermore, clients like to know they can reach someone and not just a voicemail box that someone never checks.

Secondly, in addition to a live answer business line, startups need professional office space in a high traffic area without the high-priced commitment of leasing a whole office. This type of office space goes by many names: flexible space, co-working space, shared offices, or virtual office. Honestly, the list is endless! What’s important about this type of business space is that it’s a la carte. Finally, Startups should only pay for the time they need, allowing their resources to be allocated in a more practical way in the beginning of their business’s life.

Your Personal Business Incubator

In conclusion, where can you find all the best resources that the Business Incubator of Downtown Baltimore has to offer? The answer is Officense! Our facilities have a la carte executive office space and conference rooms with amenities such as high-speed Wi-Fi, executive furniture, conference capable phones, city views, address services, and fully trained executive assistants. With Officense, Executive Assistants will live-answer your calls, greet your clients, handle your mail and that’s all without you even being in the office. So, make the trip downtown and tour our facilities to begin your business incubation journey, today!

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