Author: Joya Tamrakar

Significance of Web services

Over the past years, Web services have become immensely popular in the business world. Web service plays a very significant role in everyday life of a business/ organization. It is a tool that enhances the business process and adds value to company’s wellbeing in the course of conducting their businesses. Some of the key benefits of web services for a business are improves efficiency, 24/7 accessibility, provides higher level of data security, easy to customize, install and maintain.

It is a tool that allows businesses to communicate with each other and with their clients in regards to various things. Web services share business logic, secures data and processes through a programmatic interface on the web. Web applications allow businesses to interact and share some of their competences, skills and processes to others on the web. For example, a roofing company will interact with its suppliers, clients, partners and so on. The existing and potential clients have access to the calendar, they can look for the type of service they need and can schedule themselves.

If you’re a building startup or looking to transform your company, look no further than Officense! We have everything you need to manage your businesses online image. Choose from custom domain names, set up a business email address, or have Officense host your website. With Officense you’ll enjoy easy to use web builder and hosting tools, as well as 24×7 support.

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Real Estate Phone answering service

Real Estate is a business that requires great communication and negotiation skills, attention to detail and a willingness to work hard and succeed. Real estate is one of the most challenging careers, agents are under a lot of pressure. They need to know various areas like law, negotiations, sales, social media, and also need to keep finding new clients and focus on growing the business. As a real estate agent, you are on the clock with potential buyers, and leasers 24/7. Potential buyers and leasers are simultaneously making financial and emotional decisions, and you need your front-end business and phone answering service needs to be handled accordingly.

Your key to success is with Officense

Real Estate agents and brokers have found Officense’s phone answering service to be one of the best solutions to manage their communication. We understand the problem very well and we are here to provide the solutions that fit best for your business. Communication and business process outsourcing with Officense can help you ensure that all communication and front-end business needs are fulfilled in a very professional and effective manner.

When you choose Officense’s realtor phone answering service you receive all the support of our company and still retain all of your entrepreneurial autonomy. The Officense team not only supports your business but acts as a part of your staff. You can decide how your calls and general business communication will be handled. You have an opportunity to pick and choose the custom package that you like, and also decide how much you pay.

Officense will screen calls according to your instructions and ensure you receive only the calls you want when you want them. We can also use the script you’ve given us to answer basic queries, access a shared database to give property information to callers, capture leads, schedule appointments, direct calls to the appropriate listing agent and more. That’s the beauty of Officense! We will direct you and will work with you to help you grow in the real estate field.

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Shared Office with Weekend Access


Shared office space has become immensely popular with entrepreneurs, attorneys, therapists, and advisors. The flexibility of shared space means reduced overhead for businesses and allows them to avoid costly expenses like rent and utilities.  However, many businesses require evening and weekend access, which is just not available at many co-working centers and shared spaces. Trying to meet with all clients between 9AM and 5PM can be difficult and often, your clients may prefer to meet over the weekend or in the evening. For many, a shared office with weekend access is a requirement to their success.

Business solution

As a small business or solo owner of the business you might have hard time juggling your work and personal life at your house office. Working from home might be convenient but you might need somewhere quite to get your work done and also may need proper office space for presentations or business meetings. However, meeting your clients from your home office may not be appropriate. One of the best solutions for this kind of situation would be gaining access to shared office with weekend access.

Officense Weekend access

At Officense, we offer after-hours access to our facility. With our virtual office plan, you get weekend access card which will allow you to use the virtual offices and conference rooms 24/7. With weekend access, you can use fully furnished offices and meeting spaces at anytime of the day or night. For instance, one of our client is a therapist. He usually has long and unusual working hours. Based on his and his clients preferences,he offers late evenings or weekend appointments to his clients. Hence, having weekend access to shared office space gives you flexibility to manage your work schedule at your convenience rather than having to work during normal business hours.

Officense provides you with flexible commercial office rentals and services that will satisfy your business needs. We offer hourly, weekly or monthly conference room and office space plans. Moreover, you can avoid using your resources to pay expensive monthly rent, while still having an impressive office to use when you need it.

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Need a Conference room?

As a business proprietor, you may need Conference Room Space to handle meetings or group discussions with clients. Finding the perfect space and location to hold conferences, depositions and other business meetings can become very challenging due to various business requirements.

For instance, you may want a professional setting but you don’t want to travel far to get to the location. You may find a perfect space but it might be over your budget. Or, you may want a place where staff can assist you with copies, beverages, and food services. Several factors will play a significant role in finding the perfect space for you and your clients such as room size, timing, and rates.

With officense by your side, your needs are our priority and we strive to fulfill any service you may need. At Officense, we offer affordable Class A conference room space for any sized business. We have fully furnished spaces in a professional environment for meetings, depositions, training sessions, or mediations. You can rent the meeting spaces and conference rooms hourly, daily or weekly. Our team will work with you to make arrangements for your meeting, and in addition, a full catering service can be provided upon request.

Our amenities include Wi-Fi Internet access, audio/visual equipment, conference calling speakerphone, food and beverage service, and administrative support to assist you with the success of your meeting. We have professional and college-educated Virtual Assistants who will make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Please give us a call at 410-814-7500 to schedule your meeting now.

With the rise in the bedbugs and other insects in the US, the Pest control services industry continues to grow in the market. Pest control services have seen a huge growth in revenue and are projected to generate some 17.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. There is huge competition in the pest control service market. Pest control services have to come up with a better business solution to stay on the top and address customer problems. One of the major challenges for a pest control service company is managing customer calls, scheduling, and keeping track of leads.

One of the major challenges 
As a pest control service company, you are always out in the field, traveling to multiple work-sites to get your job done. It can be difficult to answer calls while trying to accomplish your everyday work. Answering all the calls, scheduling clients and keeping up with your calendar can get very hectic if you’re a small firm. Moreover, if you end up missing calls, it means you are missing out on leads. Today if your calls get forwarded to voicemail, customers often move on to another company. Unfortunately, for many pest control service companies hiring full-time staff to answer the phone is just not practical and may be expensive.

A better business  solution
Officense Executive Assistants can help lighten some of the stress of booking appointments and handling customer calls. For over 10 years, our company has been reliable when it comes to providing affordable call answering service. Using Officense will allow you to focus on your business without worrying about missing out on potential customers due to lack of support.

With Officense, you can have a receptionist who filters your calls and will only forward the calls that are important. Our skilled team will screen every call and you will no longer be frustrated answering calls that turn out to be a solicitor. Officense receptionists will not only answer calls from your customers, but we will also schedule appointments. Our phone answering runs 24/7, 365 days a year, so your customers will never get a busy signal or voice mail. For many of our clients, we simply send text messages with caller information so you can follow up at your convenience.

The Officense staff is ready to be of assistance and make your job easier! We don’t want your business to get in the way of business, and we also don’t want you to miss great opportunities to improve your company. Let us help keep track of your leads and provide effective follow-ups! If you’re ready to have a live receptionist greet your customers and provide excellent service, call us at 410-814-7500.