Author: Rustina Ellis

New Year’s Resolutions


I will resolve to make the best use of my time by allowing someone else to handle set up and take down of the conference rooms I need.
I will resolve to have an enjoyable experience in a premier location when I need conference room space.
I will resolve to let someone else deal with decorating the conference rooms appropriately.


I will resolve to enjoy the amenities offered by Officense for those clients utilizing the conference room space such as broadband and Wi-Fi internet access, audio/visual equipment and conference capable speakerphones.
I will resolve to allow myself to be assisted by top-notch administrative support. Whether I use the conference room space for an hour, a day, or a week.


I will resolve to use a proper conference room instead of a coffee shop. This is so my information stays my information, secrets are kept, and business stays private. Just as HighFive says in this post “Unlike open meeting spaces, such as coffee shops and restaurants, a well-designed conference room gives you the ability to keep inside information inside.”


All of these New Years resolutions can be easily kept by using the conference room space that we, here at Officense offer to our clients. Unlike many New Years resolutions these are ones that take no effort and provide an enjoyable experience besides.

Please come on in to 300 East Lombard St, Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202, give us a call at 410-814-7500, or enjoy browsing some of the other fantastic services that we offer today!

Instant Office? Instant Party!!

Instant Office Benefits

Instant offices and virtual offices have a lot of benefits. There is less of an overhead cost. You do not need to furnish the office, worry about stocking supplies, pay the employees, or pay many of the bills associated with a traditional office. You do not have to, as an article on The Guardian says, ‘trek around cities looking for suitable premises. You also do not have to worry about training employees every time you hire a new one… the office will take care of that for you. When you rent a virtual or instant office you obtain a prestigious location, a pre-decorated space, well trained executive assistants, less stress, and less headaches.

Instant Party

Another fun perk of an instant office or virtual office is that you do not have to worry about the set-up, tear down, decorating, catering, stress, or the time it takes to prepare a holiday party. We here at Officense just had our annual office party. Our virtual office clients came in to an instant office party. They were able to come in, mingle, enjoy all of the party fun … and had none of the hassle. Another added benefit is that they were able to mingle with other companies and businesses which means they were able to do a bit of networking… that is always a good bonus.

Come On In!

Whether you are large or small, widespread or just starting a virtual office can be super beneficial and serve many of your business needs. With furniture in place, a prestigious address, well trained executive assistants, decorated offices and a lobby area you know you never have to stress over the small things. So why don’t you come on in and visit us at 300 E Lombard St. Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202 or visit us today at We look forward to seeing and hearing from you as well as to making your life a little less stressed.


From all of us to all of you a very happy and safe holiday season!!



Has your time and money been gobbled up by the holidays like the turkey, stuffing, and home-made pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. Who has the time to sort through spam, wait for packages, or deal with the post office’s time constraints? A virtual mailbox could be the solution for your busy schedules’ needs, both during and after the holiday season.

Virtual Mailbox Security Assets.

You no longer have to rely on friends, family, or neighbors to accept packages when you are not home. There’s always someone available to accept or decline them for you, per your instruction, with a virtual mailbox. With a secure mail room, you need not fear burglars. Your home address can stay private while showcasing your company with a prestigious address. This provides a professional image and consistency, even when you move since the address has no need to change.

A Cornucopia of Benefits.

Speaking of addresses, according to Small Biz Geek, when yours is posted to every page of your website you can gain leverage with online business directories. This can also help in google searches as well as making you easier to find and contact. This all boosts the appearance of your company.

A virtual mailbox gives you all of the features of a P.O. Box while also taking the worry out of courier deliveries.  It also allows you to receive mail from all of the couriers instead of just USPS.  Your mail can even be forwarded or you can pick it up in person any time day or night, instead of having to rush to get there before the post office or other carrier closes. You can be notified upon arrival of mail, keeping it from sitting around in your mailbox or the post office. Another benefit of a virtual mailbox is you can even deposit checks while you are away!

Efficiency and Simplicity.

You also garner a reduction in junk and spam mail with a virtual mailbox. Spam mail and mail from previous mailbox owners get sorted out and disposed of for you. This helps prevent overflow issues and makes certain that time sensitive mail gets managed fast and easily. You also can ensure secure communication with vendors, customers, and clients. Another wonderful benefit of a virtual mailbox is that you can get incoming documents digitized, scan other document types, and have them forwarded to you which gives you access to your mail from anywhere, at any time, and without having to drive.

At Officense, you can gain all of the benefits listed above and more. So why not make your holiday season, ‘a gay happy season’ and join us by calling (410) 814-7500 or come on by to visit us at 300 E. Lombard St., Ste. 840 today. Let us make your holidays just that bit easier with a virtual mailbox of your own.