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Officense: Teamwork makes the Business work!

The business world has been praising the success of co-working space in offices. Indeed, they have many benefits for dynamic companies. Co-working space promotes teamwork, healthy work relationships, and assists with company office costs.

Collaboration in the Workplace

Ah, teamwork! This dreaded activity is one that everyone can relay a horror story on. Indeed, many businesses have a difficult time promoting collaboration through teamwork among their employees. One sublet tactic for promoting teamwork is creating a co-working space within your office. It allows your employees to see the work others are doing and potentially offer assistance. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” If co-working space promotes collaboration, then it is pivotal to provide this to your staff.

Healthy Work Relationships

Co-working space can also foster healthy work relationships. These spaces promote interaction among your employees. Spending positive time with one’s coworkers can assist with employee retention and an optimistic company culture. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work if they have workplace friends. Who wants to come to work and feel like a stranger among their colleagues? Answer: No one …

Cost Effective Co-Working Space

Having multiple offices or cubicle for your employee is not a cost-effective use of office space for most businesses. Not only is this practice stifling to your employees’ potential collaboration, but it is also costly. Co-working space has the potential to require less construction and costly cubicle walls. Instead, allow your office to breath well protecting your profit margin. Another benefit for businesses is telecommuting employees can utilize the co-working space, during the times you briefly need them in the office.

If your business is in the market for High-end office or co-working space, give Officense a call! We provide all inclusive business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give us a call at (410)- 814-7500 to schedule your tour of our downtown location, today!

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New Year, New Business Opportunities.

Time is slipping as the New Year full of new possibilities quickly approaches.

Everyone at some point has trouble managing their time. Time Management is a stressful activity in many business settings. Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Contractors and even CEOs can feel the strain of poor time management effect on their businesses and performance at work. Detailed appointment scheduling can improve your business’ time management.


For example, if a doctor runs overtime with a patient at 8 AM, then he’s late for all his other appointments or playing catch up because of not keeping to the schedule. Furthermore, being late, running over, or forgetting appointment is extremely costly to businesses in every industry. According to a survey by CareerBuilder in 2017, 25% of employees are late at least once a month and 16% are tardy more than once a month to work. Being late effects everyone, no business is immune to this phenomenon. But, wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution to keep yourself on time as a business owner?

Officense has your time management solution at the ready with HiLivePro’s appointment scheduling professionals. Our college educated assistants will use your shared calendar to set appointments for your business, while collecting a detailed set of information for you to better asset your clients’ needs before appointment take place. Finally, our assistants can provide lead tracking on your scheduled appointments for your marketing department. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. That’s the added value of HiLivePro, we can even classify your appointments for more complex scheduling. Don’t let disorganization affect your business. Have HiLivePro keep you on track for business success!

Wishing you a very Happy New Years from the Officense Team!

Furnishing your Virtual Office near me!

Virtual Office near me

What a furnished virtual office says to your customer base

Tis the season and all I want for Christmas is a furnished virtual office near me! We all know the importance of a good first impression and the ways in which it can make or break a sale or various business opportunities. However, you’d be surprised by the impressions any given individual might decide to focus on; it might be your warm lighting, your taste in office plants, your choice in wall décor, etc. As visual beings, often times, these impressions have little to do with human interactions and more to do with what we see. Moreover, these impressions directly impact how we feel about a company, be it consciously or unconsciously. As a consumer, details matter significantly and they should matter to a business owner too.

Furnishing that say “I feel comfortable and at home here” such as warm lighting and pastel colors such as sky-blue, lavender, or soft green color schemes. Or perhaps, elegant and rich furnishings that give the impression of a company that is making money which translates to confidence in this business’s practices.

Furnishing a business office can be a cumbersome task. There is deciding on the correct message and impression to evoke, purchasing, transporting, assembling, and staging. All of the steps can be time-consuming and costly to a new company. However, high-end furnishing will provide numerous benefits to your company.

Furnishing your Office for employees

Another added bonus is the morale of your employees. For example, simply providing top quality desk chair will provide a more comfortable and healthier working environment. Another benefit could be promoting collaboration among your employees. Having low cubicle walls or none at all will assist in building a team environment. There are numerous other benefits of a tastefully furnished office, but I know what you are thinking: How much is this going to cost me?

Furnished Virtual Offices near ME!

If correctly chosen, your business clients will be impressed with your taste in design. When clients walk into your office, they should feel an air of professionalism and class.  This is no task for an owner or executive to busy themselves with and the costs of hiring an interior design agency tends to turnoff most decision makers.

Your solution should be Officense. We provide high-end business facilities with fully furnished virtual offices nearby, a la carte office services, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give us a call at (410)- 814-7500 to schedule your tour of our downtown location, today!

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Executive Assistants, The face of your Brand.

Executive Assistant

First Impressions: Executive Assistants

Executive assistants may be more important for your startup business than you think. They give the first impression and convey your company’s message, which is key for your new brand’s image. For every company, especially a startup, customers are extremely important for the future of your business.


In Micah Solomon’s article “Leadership is Swell, But Your Receptionist Makes or Breaks Your Business” he claims a “clueless receptionist today, a bankrupt business tomorrow”. Every single employee is a representation of the brand. Moreover, a disgruntled employee creates a dissatisfied customer which ultimately hurts your brand and businesses bottom-line. Solomon believes that the “first and last impression creator is among the most important positions in your enterprise.” Executive Assistants, receptionists, or any employee on the front line, are essential for your entire business.


Now, I understand that a startup business may not always have the means to provide rigorous customer-service training for their employees. Or perhaps, even have the time to hire or train new employees at all and there’s so much minutiae within a customer’s experience with your brand that often goes overlooked, especially on the first go around. Newly established entrepreneurs tend to be more concerned with back-end business operations. In that case, it would be ideal to source procedural admin tasks to a professional.

In an interview, a first-time business owner gave tips to make a successful startup company. Her #1 tip was to “Keep a Lean Team and Spend Wisely,” where she advises avoiding unnecessary hires and spending every dollar intentionally. This cost efficiency is what all startup business owners can connect with.  As a business owner, having an executive assistant would allow you to use your time adequately. But there is simply not enough time or money to hire and train these employees.


Don’t shy away from having your cake and eating it too! Now, it is easier toExecutive Assistants have professionally trained executive assistants who are versed in and exude your brand’s image, without having to spend time or money on staff training.

Well, with Officense it is! At Officense you will have a team of executive assistants, both in office and virtually, who tailor services to your company’s needs. Our team comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant on your own. You will gain a fully trained and professional staff that will give your startup the great first impression it needs.

We have executive assistants to answer your calls, greet your clients, follow up with leads, schedule appointments, and much more. We also provide high-end business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to meet your new staff and tour your new prestigious business location, today!

Improving Work-Life Balance

An Employers Dilemma: Maintaining a Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Image

As the workforce continues to evolve, employee work-life balance has become an important focus in the business world. However, many employers find difficulty balancing social responsibility to their employees with worry about creating policies which promote work-life balance. They think, “who is going to cover these hours?” or, “I cannot have my support staff absent all the time!” Perhaps, you have had these very thoughts when employees request time off.

Despite what you may think, work-life balance can have tremendous positive benefits for both a company and their employees. A stressed employee is an unhappy employee and an unhappy employee is most likely job hunting. Business owners know high employee turnover rates are expensive as the time spent on the hiring and training process is costly for any business. There is cause for a company to champion employee satisfaction. Studies show the more an employee takes ownership in their job duties and involves themselves in their company’s objectives, the more enthused and dedicated they become as an employee. In return, this enthusiasm directly affects job performance which is reflected in the company’s overall performance as well.

Work-Life Balance Solution: The Officense Team

Why not implement policy in your business to promote work life balance? For example, flexible work hour options have been proven to increase employee retention by 89% in 2012 by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Another option is offering telecommuting hours for your staff. They do not necessarily need to be in the workplace daily. Wouldn’t you like to work from the comfort of your own home? Think of the money your company could save! If you have few employees working from the office, then you could have a smaller more affordable office space, ergo lower rent. Indeed, both employees and employers could benefit from flexible hours or telecommuting.

Officense has the toolkit needed to assist you with creating work-life balance at your company. For example, our fully trained Executive Assistants can continue to live-answer your business calls even if you or your support staff leave the office at 3:30 pm! Your clients will feel satisfied speaking with a real person and not some pre-recorded automatic answering machine. We can even answer your calls and have them transferred to any number you request, so you can speak with clients, regardless of your location.  Lets talk about how you can save money and create a work-life balance for you and your staff.  Call Officense today at 410-814-7500.