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LawPay and Officense

We are proud to announce our company is now industry partners with LawPay. LawPay is a leader in customizable payment solutions for the legal industry. Legal Professionals with LawPay accounts can seamlessly connect with Officense’s customizable business services.

Services through LawPay

Officense provides office space, executive assistants, conference rooms, phones, and other custom services for law firms of all sizes. Working with LawPay and Officense will provide you with top-rated professional services in a pay-as-needed and infinitely scalable structure.

Please visit our partner page for more information.

The idea of starting your own business may frighten you and leave you wondering if this is a good idea. The longer you sit around and doubt yourself, the sooner someone else can jump in to take your idea. Here is a list of 4 simple, yet helpful tips to answer the most common questions that may be delaying you from becoming an entrepreneur.

Question 1: Is My Business Idea Any Good?

Tip 1:

If your idea can solve a problem or address any issues that can affect individuals, then the answer is Yes. More than likely, if you are experiencing this problem then others have experienced the same problem. You should test out your theory on a couple of friends or family members to test your ideas before you try your product on potential customers. This will allow you to determine the pros and cons of your product before you put yourself out there. Another factor that will play a key role in your business is the price of your product. Is your product for a upscale or more economical customer? You should make the cost of your product lean more towards your target audience.

Question 2: Should I Write a Formal Business Plan?

Tip 2:

This question can go either way. You can write a business plan if you think this will help you visualize your goals, or at the very least write an informal plan that outlines your ideas for your business. If you are struggling to write a plan, then the best way to come up with a plan is using the Elevator Pitch. An elevator ride usually lasts less than a minute or two which leaves you with 60 to 120 seconds to explain to a potential customer about your goals and what your company does. Some banks, angels, or venture capitalists will want a formal business plan that should include a financial overview of expenses and marketing strategy.

Question 3: I Have a Unique Product or Business Method. Should I Get a Patent?

Tip 3:

You should only get a patent if you do not want your competition to take your ideas. Tesla founder Elon Musk decided he would not sue anyone who used Tesla’s patents. He said, “Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly evolving technology platform.” However, if you need an investment, investors tend to favor companies that hold patents.

Question 4: Do I Have What It Takes to Be a Founder?

Tip 4:

Being a risk taker plays a key role in becoming a founder and if you lack this characteristic, then you may not be cut out to be a founder.  At Inc. 500, 85 percent of CEOs are risk takers. Another key factor in becoming a founder is having what it takes to identify and solve problems. Once you acquire these skills and characteristics, then you should have what it takes to be a founder.

Here at Officense, we provide custom business solutions for start-up entrepreneurs such as legal professionals, realtors, contractors, and more. We can assist you with adding an address to your business, answering your calls, and handling your mail. Give us a call at 410-814-7500 for further details.

24/7 Phone Service
Many businesses require a dedicated person answering calls for, during normal business hours. But, perhaps your business is 24/7 including your business phone. At Officense, we have solved your phone conundrums with HiLivePro, our enhanced 24/7 phone service.

Staring your 24/7 Phone Service

With HiLivePro, your company will receive a dedicated business phone line answered 24/7. No more worrying about missing calls! Your business calls are answered by call specialists. Call specialists undergo rigorous training to act as members of your staff. Your business calls are greeted and handled to your exact specifications. After greeting the caller and collecting information, your call will be instantly connected to you. Or your new call professional can take a customized message on voicemail transfer the call to voicemail. 24/7 phone service is a top priority for many businesses, who deal with superior customer service.

Don’t let your important calls and client hear the frustrating tone of the voicemail beep. Instead, discover the asset HiLivePro will be to your business. 24/7 phone service for the modern company is just a short call away.

Conference Room Space

3 Tips for Class A Conference Room Space

As a business owner, you may need Conference Room Space to handle meetings or group discussions with clients. Finding the ideal space to hold a meeting can be a challenge due to the requirements you may have.


For instance, you may want a professional setting but you don’t want to travel far to get to the location. Or, you may want a place where staff can assist you with copies, beverages, and food services. Several factors will play a key role in finding the perfect space for you and your clients such as room size, timing, and rates. Follow these 3 simple tips to help guide you into locating the best meeting room space for you.


Tip 1: Determine How Much Space You Will Need


If a meeting requires 20 attendees, then you will need to find a space to accommodate the appropriate amount of people, otherwise, you are left with several of your clients standing or feeling uncomfortable. Sometimes space rental companies can rearrange furniture to hold a bigger party upon request. Be sure to ask around to determine if this option is available. Also, remember if the meeting will hold a big party for a long duration, then you will need to be able to acquire food and beverage service. Look for these kinds of services while you are looking for the perfect space.


Tip 2: Timing is of the Essence


Majority of conference room spaces require you to schedule ahead of time for preparation and to avoid scheduling conflicts. What if you are in a time crunch and you need to schedule a meeting within the next 3 hours? Are you able to find a hotel or meeting room company to accommodate this timeframe? Requiring a meeting in a short time can be very difficult, but it could lead towards a successful meeting and happy clients if you are able to do so.


Tip 3: Can I Afford these Rates?


Once you find a conference room space with available dates and times for the hours you requested, then you will need to think about is this rate good for you and your business. It will be best to compare pricing with other companies to find the affordable rates for you without losing value in the quality of the space. Depending on the times and seasons, some businesses will provide discounts or lower their price to help grow their business.


Furthermore, other factors you may need to look into are:




-Professional Setting


At Officense, we provide Class A conference room space for any sized business. We have fully furnished spaces in a professional environment for meetings, depositions, training sessions, or mediations. Our amenities include Wi-Fi Internet access, audio/visual equipment, conference calling speakerphone, food and beverage service, and administrative support to assist you with the success of your meeting. Please give us a call at 410-814-7500 to schedule your meeting now.

How to handle your Business Calls over the Holidays?

Business Phone Service

Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you take a hands-on role in keeping things going yourself. You may wonder how to balance the two roles, fielding calls from customers, suppliers and others while still running your business and spending quality time with your family over the holiday season coming up.

The best way to never miss a call this holiday season is with Officense Business Phone Service. Depending on the type of incoming call, we adjust our call handling according to your instruction. We answer and screen your calls, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! We can capture the sales lead information for you, share information about your company or even schedule an appointment while you are busy.

Business Phone Service

Selecting a Business Phone Service may be challenging, but using it should be nothing but easy. Your organization needs a cost-effective business phone service that offers exceptional reliability, quality, outstanding customer service, and features to match your needs. With an understanding of the capabilities and attributes that are important, you can sort through the abundance of options available with confidence. And it’s all here in one place – at Officense.

Stay professional.

If you give clients your office phone, there’s a risk you’ll miss the call if you have to step away from your desk. On the other hand, giving out your cell phone number could really put a kink in your positive work/life balance. It can also sometimes appear a little less than professional. That’s why Officense gives you the tools you need to take your business with you. We provide a dedicated business number, plus the ability to present menu options to all your callers and connect them to anyone in your company, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Our on-site receptionists greet your clients in a friendly manner and project a professional image for your company. We answer and screen your calls, per your instructions, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! At Officense, we focus on delivering a level of service unmatched by any other Business Phone Service.