Significance of Web services

Over the past years, Web services have become immensely popular in the business world. Web service plays a very significant role in everyday life of a business/ organization. It is a tool that enhances the business process and adds value to company’s wellbeing in the course of conducting their businesses. Some of the key benefits of web services for a business are improves efficiency, 24/7 accessibility, provides higher level of data security, easy to customize, install and maintain.

It is a tool that allows businesses to communicate with each other and with their clients in regards to various things. Web services share business logic, secures data and processes through a programmatic interface on the web. Web applications allow businesses to interact and share some of their competences, skills and processes to others on the web. For example, a roofing company will interact with its suppliers, clients, partners and so on. The existing and potential clients have access to the calendar, they can look for the type of service they need and can schedule themselves.

If you’re a building startup or looking to transform your company, look no further than Officense! We have everything you need to manage your businesses online image. Choose from custom domain names, set up a business email address, or have Officense host your website. With Officense you’ll enjoy easy to use web builder and hosting tools, as well as 24×7 support.

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Officense: Teamwork makes the Business work!

The business world has been praising the success of co-working space in offices. Indeed, they have many benefits for dynamic companies. Co-working space promotes teamwork, healthy work relationships, and assists with company office costs.

Collaboration in the Workplace

Ah, teamwork! This dreaded activity is one that everyone can relay a horror story on. Indeed, many businesses have a difficult time promoting collaboration through teamwork among their employees. One sublet tactic for promoting teamwork is creating a co-working space within your office. It allows your employees to see the work others are doing and potentially offer assistance. As the saying goes, “Two heads are better than one.” If co-working space promotes collaboration, then it is pivotal to provide this to your staff.

Healthy Work Relationships

Co-working space can also foster healthy work relationships. These spaces promote interaction among your employees. Spending positive time with one’s coworkers can assist with employee retention and an optimistic company culture. Employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work if they have workplace friends. Who wants to come to work and feel like a stranger among their colleagues? Answer: No one …

Cost Effective Co-Working Space

Having multiple offices or cubicle for your employee is not a cost-effective use of office space for most businesses. Not only is this practice stifling to your employees’ potential collaboration, but it is also costly. Co-working space has the potential to require less construction and costly cubicle walls. Instead, allow your office to breath well protecting your profit margin. Another benefit for businesses is telecommuting employees can utilize the co-working space, during the times you briefly need them in the office.

If your business is in the market for High-end office or co-working space, give Officense a call! We provide all inclusive business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give us a call at (410)- 814-7500 to schedule your tour of our downtown location, today!

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New Year’s Resolutions


I will resolve to make the best use of my time by allowing someone else to handle set up and take down of the conference rooms I need.
I will resolve to have an enjoyable experience in a premier location when I need conference room space.
I will resolve to let someone else deal with decorating the conference rooms appropriately.


I will resolve to enjoy the amenities offered by Officense for those clients utilizing the conference room space such as broadband and Wi-Fi internet access, audio/visual equipment and conference capable speakerphones.
I will resolve to allow myself to be assisted by top-notch administrative support. Whether I use the conference room space for an hour, a day, or a week.


I will resolve to use a proper conference room instead of a coffee shop. This is so my information stays my information, secrets are kept, and business stays private. Just as HighFive says in this post “Unlike open meeting spaces, such as coffee shops and restaurants, a well-designed conference room gives you the ability to keep inside information inside.”


All of these New Years resolutions can be easily kept by using the conference room space that we, here at Officense offer to our clients. Unlike many New Years resolutions these are ones that take no effort and provide an enjoyable experience besides.

Please come on in to 300 East Lombard St, Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202, give us a call at 410-814-7500, or enjoy browsing some of the other fantastic services that we offer today!

Real Estate Phone answering service

Real Estate is a business that requires great communication and negotiation skills, attention to detail and a willingness to work hard and succeed. Real estate is one of the most challenging careers, agents are under a lot of pressure. They need to know various areas like law, negotiations, sales, social media, and also need to keep finding new clients and focus on growing the business. As a real estate agent, you are on the clock with potential buyers, and leasers 24/7. Potential buyers and leasers are simultaneously making financial and emotional decisions, and you need your front-end business and phone answering service needs to be handled accordingly.

Your key to success is with Officense

Real Estate agents and brokers have found Officense’s phone answering service to be one of the best solutions to manage their communication. We understand the problem very well and we are here to provide the solutions that fit best for your business. Communication and business process outsourcing with Officense can help you ensure that all communication and front-end business needs are fulfilled in a very professional and effective manner.

When you choose Officense’s realtor phone answering service you receive all the support of our company and still retain all of your entrepreneurial autonomy. The Officense team not only supports your business but acts as a part of your staff. You can decide how your calls and general business communication will be handled. You have an opportunity to pick and choose the custom package that you like, and also decide how much you pay.

Officense will screen calls according to your instructions and ensure you receive only the calls you want when you want them. We can also use the script you’ve given us to answer basic queries, access a shared database to give property information to callers, capture leads, schedule appointments, direct calls to the appropriate listing agent and more. That’s the beauty of Officense! We will direct you and will work with you to help you grow in the real estate field.

Give us a call at (410)-814-7500 to get more information, today!

New Year, New Business Opportunities.

Time is slipping as the New Year full of new possibilities quickly approaches.

Everyone at some point has trouble managing their time. Time Management is a stressful activity in many business settings. Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Contractors and even CEOs can feel the strain of poor time management effect on their businesses and performance at work. Detailed appointment scheduling can improve your business’ time management.


For example, if a doctor runs overtime with a patient at 8 AM, then he’s late for all his other appointments or playing catch up because of not keeping to the schedule. Furthermore, being late, running over, or forgetting appointment is extremely costly to businesses in every industry. According to a survey by CareerBuilder in 2017, 25% of employees are late at least once a month and 16% are tardy more than once a month to work. Being late effects everyone, no business is immune to this phenomenon. But, wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution to keep yourself on time as a business owner?

Officense has your time management solution at the ready with HiLivePro’s appointment scheduling professionals. Our college educated assistants will use your shared calendar to set appointments for your business, while collecting a detailed set of information for you to better asset your clients’ needs before appointment take place. Finally, our assistants can provide lead tracking on your scheduled appointments for your marketing department. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. That’s the added value of HiLivePro, we can even classify your appointments for more complex scheduling. Don’t let disorganization affect your business. Have HiLivePro keep you on track for business success!

Wishing you a very Happy New Years from the Officense Team!