Business phone line for Residential Remodelers

Running a business requires a lot of work and planning. A company can only succeed by implementing the right tools and strategy. If you are running a company on your own, you need to make smart decisions so that the company can run successfully. Residential remodelers are always on the clock visiting the client’s properties, working on different kinds of remodeling projects, scheduling estimates, and appointments, answering phone calls, and so on. With so much to do on the site and in the office, you might have a tough time juggling all the work by yourself.  So, having Officense to manage and handle your business phone line would help you and your company to function more efficiently. You can use your time running your business while we manage your business calls and other administrative tasks.

Hiring business phone line service

Having professionally trained executive assistants who exude your new brand’s image, without having to spend time training, while staying on budget. At Officense you will have a team of executive assistants, both in-office and virtually, who tailor services to your company’s needs. Hiring Painter’s phone answering would be a perfect solution to help you grow your business.

Our team comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant on your own. You will gain a fully trained and professional staff that will give your startup the great first impression it needs. Officense has experienced, professional Virtual Assistants to help assist you from any location. Whatever obstacle you may face, we can provide a business solution for you. 

Our virtual assistants can answer your calls, filters them and transfer to whatever number you request in a very professional manner. Our executive assistants will use your shared calendar to set estimates, book appointments, track leads, follow up with leads and much more for your business, while collecting a detailed set of information for you to better asset your clients’ needs before appointment take place.

Finally, our assistants can provide lead tracking on your scheduled estimates for your marketing department. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. That’s the added value of Officense, we can even classify your appointments for more complex scheduling.

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Let us handle your phone reception and front – end office needs. We give you the tools and technology to increase productivity and communication, all at an affordable price. We also provide a business mailing address , virtual address mail forwarding,  instant office space and conference rooms, giving you a professional setting when you need it. To know more about our services, give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 today!


We all have dealt with our phones ringing off the hook in the middle of a job. And we all know it’s a headache, to say the least. However, while you may be busy installing floors, the phones have clients on the other end who need answers. This always gets tricky for any business owner, even more so with such hands-on service, like flooring contractors. Running a company requires answering calls from new and current clients, but should never be at the expense of efficiency. If you want to maximize your workflow and maintain call handling, let Officense help!


When you partner with Officense, you gain more flexibility with your workload and your free time. Our executive assistants will handle the phone conversations, while you handle the floor installations. Officense can collect pertinent information on your behalf, answer questions callers may have, or even connect calls to you personally. Our team can filter your calls, and manage them per your exact instruction in a very professional manner. It’s also important for many companies, but especially contractors, to give their clients round-the-clock access. Our service can be used any time of day, as we have 24/7 plans with live staff available that also offer Spanish phone options for your clientele.

While we’re able to guide the callers and connect them to the right people, we can also source your leads for you! Our executive assistants can use your shared calendar to set estimates, book appointments, track leads, follow up with them, and much more for you. All the while, we’ll be collecting a detailed set of information for your record, preparing you to meet your clients’ needs before the appointment even takes place. We partner with you to gain as much knowledge as you want us to have, and use intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs. That’s the added value of Officense.


Along with our phone answering services, we also provide business mailing and address, along with private conference and office space, offering a professional setting. For more information on our contractor services, contact us by phone at 410-814-7500. You can also email us at And of course, feel free to visit us in person at 300 E Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21202. Our offices are currently open 10 AM – 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. We’ll look forward to meeting you!

Company website for Painters

A painter is responsible to mix, match, and apply paint to various surfaces, do touchups, and coordinate and complete large painting projects. As a solo painter, having the right tool to run your business processes will help your business to grow. One of the best solutions to enhance your business operations would be building your company website.

Importance of creating company website

Web service is a tool that enhances the business process and adds value to the company’s well-being in the course of conducting their businesses. Some of the key benefits of web services for a business are it improves efficiency, allows 24/7 accessibility, provides a higher level of data security, and it’s easy to customize, install, and maintain. The internet provides an opportunity for you to market to millions of consumers by setting up an online presence.

So, if you want your company to be successful in today’s marketplace, you have to have a company website. Even creating a one-page website can show the existence of your company. The website plays an important role in your email marketing and content marketing as well.  Web services share business logic, secures data, and processes through a programmatic interface on the web.

How can Officense help?

Officense can help you ensure that all communication and business needs are fulfilled in a very professional and effective manner. With all the information provided on the website, it makes it easier for the customers to find the services they like, schedule appointments, make payments, get help online instantly, and much more. For instance, for a company like yours, web applications allow your business to interact and share some of your competencies, skills, and processes with others on the web.

If you’re a building startup or looking to transform your company, look no further than Officense! We have everything you need to manage your business’s online image. Choose from custom domain names, set up a business email address, or have Officense host your website. With Officense you’ll enjoy easy to use web builder and hosting tools, as well as 24×7 support. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. Let Officense keep you on track for business success!

For more information and a complete list of services, please visit  To add domain registry or hosting services to your existing service package, please visit

Drywall Office Space

You work with drywall and your ‘office’ is usually your client’s location. Sometimes though you need drywall office space. A place where you can go to meet clients (or vendors) and have a professional environment to work in. Other times you need to train your new employees.

With Officense, we can handle your drywall office space needs and also have conference rooms available for rent if you need a larger space. With our drywall office spaces, you gain a well trained team of executive assistants who can greet your clients and welcome them.

Our office spaces are also well appointed and have fantastic views of Baltimore. They are ready for you to step right in and claim one as your drywall office space today. Add in our executive assistants that act as your receptionists when you have clients in and its a well rounded package. We also can do printing and faxing as needed!

We also offer other services such as phone answering, customized business services, website building, and address services. Address services are necessary if you want a business address with Google, as they do not accept P.O. Boxes or home addresses.

As for our phone answering, it may be even more useful than our drywall office spaces. We can redirect your calls, filter our the solicitors, spam, and auto dialers and in general make your life easier. Our well trained executive assistants will give your callers a professional response every time.

For more information on any of our services, please call us at 410-814-7500. You can also visit our website, or email us at We are more than welcome to show you the drywall office spaces in person at 300 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. We look forward to seeing you and hope you think of us for your business needs!

Roofing Contractors Business Address

Roofing contractors business addresses need to be professional. Google Business Listings will not accept a P.O. Box or a home address for a business address any longer. As a roofing contractor, Google is your friend and helps you gain far more business than you otherwise might.

Business Address

With Officense’s roofing contractors business address you gain an address that Google will accept for a business. You also gain one that is in a prestigious area so will shine that much brighter to your clients. Should you need to meet a client in an area besides their home, you can also do that here. During business hours, you will have a ready made reception area to use, with well trained executive assistants ready to greet your clients and assist you with your printing and faxing needs.

Packages and Agents

We also can accept your packages, rather than having them left on your porch while you are gone working. We are able to be your registered agents and can sign for and accept any packages you need. These are just a few of the services we offer with our roofing contractors business address

Other Services

There are other services that we offer that could interest you as well. Among them are live phone answering, office space and conference room rental, customized business services, and website building services.

Live Phone Answering

phone answering

Our live phone answering may just be the most beneficial to you. Next to the roofing contractors business address that is. Clients prefer a live answer instead of an answering machine, and will go elsewhere if they feel they are not going to get anywhere. This is the age of immediate gratification after all. With our live phone answering services, not only can we answer the calls for you, we can transfer them to you, your voicemail, or anyone else you choose with the click of a button. Solicitors, spam calls, and those utterly obnoxious auto-dialer calls are a thing of the past with this service.


For more information about our roofing contractors business address, our other services, or just to get a feel for our business, please give us a call at 410-814-7500. You can also check out our website or send an email to We are available in person, and would love to meet you, Monday through Friday from 10 am until 5 pm.

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