Furnishing your Virtual Office near me!

Virtual Office near me

What a furnished virtual office says to your customer base

Tis the season and all I want for Christmas is a furnished virtual office near me! We all know the importance of a good first impression and the ways in which it can make or break a sale or various business opportunities. However, you’d be surprised by the impressions any given individual might decide to focus on; it might be your warm lighting, your taste in office plants, your choice in wall décor, etc. As visual beings, often times, these impressions have little to do with human interactions and more to do with what we see. Moreover, these impressions directly impact how we feel about a company, be it consciously or unconsciously. As a consumer, details matter significantly and they should matter to a business owner too.

Furnishing that say “I feel comfortable and at home here” such as warm lighting and pastel colors such as sky-blue, lavender, or soft green color schemes. Or perhaps, elegant and rich furnishings that give the impression of a company that is making money which translates to confidence in this business’s practices.

Furnishing a business office can be a cumbersome task. There is deciding on the correct message and impression to evoke, purchasing, transporting, assembling, and staging. All of the steps can be time-consuming and costly to a new company. However, high-end furnishing will provide numerous benefits to your company.

Furnishing your Office for employees

Another added bonus is the morale of your employees. For example, simply providing top quality desk chair will provide a more comfortable and healthier working environment. Another benefit could be promoting collaboration among your employees. Having low cubicle walls or none at all will assist in building a team environment. There are numerous other benefits of a tastefully furnished office, but I know what you are thinking: How much is this going to cost me?

Furnished Virtual Offices near ME!

If correctly chosen, your business clients will be impressed with your taste in design. When clients walk into your office, they should feel an air of professionalism and class.  This is no task for an owner or executive to busy themselves with and the costs of hiring an interior design agency tends to turnoff most decision makers.

Your solution should be Officense. We provide high-end business facilities with fully furnished virtual offices nearby, a la carte office services, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give us a call at (410)- 814-7500 to schedule your tour of our downtown location, today!

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Has your time and money been gobbled up by the holidays like the turkey, stuffing, and home-made pumpkin pie? Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season. Who has the time to sort through spam, wait for packages, or deal with the post office’s time constraints? A virtual mailbox could be the solution for your busy schedules’ needs, both during and after the holiday season.

Virtual Mailbox Security Assets.

You no longer have to rely on friends, family, or neighbors to accept packages when you are not home. There’s always someone available to accept or decline them for you, per your instruction, with a virtual mailbox. With a secure mail room, you need not fear burglars. Your home address can stay private while showcasing your company with a prestigious address. This provides a professional image and consistency, even when you move since the address has no need to change.

A Cornucopia of Benefits.

Speaking of addresses, according to Small Biz Geek, when yours is posted to every page of your website you can gain leverage with online business directories. This can also help in google searches as well as making you easier to find and contact. This all boosts the appearance of your company.

A virtual mailbox gives you all of the features of a P.O. Box while also taking the worry out of courier deliveries.  It also allows you to receive mail from all of the couriers instead of just USPS.  Your mail can even be forwarded or you can pick it up in person any time day or night, instead of having to rush to get there before the post office or other carrier closes. You can be notified upon arrival of mail, keeping it from sitting around in your mailbox or the post office. Another benefit of a virtual mailbox is you can even deposit checks while you are away!

Efficiency and Simplicity.

You also garner a reduction in junk and spam mail with a virtual mailbox. Spam mail and mail from previous mailbox owners get sorted out and disposed of for you. This helps prevent overflow issues and makes certain that time sensitive mail gets managed fast and easily. You also can ensure secure communication with vendors, customers, and clients. Another wonderful benefit of a virtual mailbox is that you can get incoming documents digitized, scan other document types, and have them forwarded to you which gives you access to your mail from anywhere, at any time, and without having to drive.

At Officense, you can gain all of the benefits listed above and more. So why not make your holiday season, ‘a gay happy season’ and join us by calling (410) 814-7500 or come on by to visit us at 300 E. Lombard St., Ste. 840 today. Let us make your holidays just that bit easier with a virtual mailbox of your own.





Need a Conference room?

As a business proprietor, you may need Conference Room Space to handle meetings or group discussions with clients. Finding the perfect space and location to hold conferences, depositions and other business meetings can become very challenging due to various business requirements.

For instance, you may want a professional setting but you don’t want to travel far to get to the location. You may find a perfect space but it might be over your budget. Or, you may want a place where staff can assist you with copies, beverages, and food services. Several factors will play a significant role in finding the perfect space for you and your clients such as room size, timing, and rates.

With officense by your side, your needs are our priority and we strive to fulfill any service you may need. At Officense, we offer affordable Class A conference room space for any sized business. We have fully furnished spaces in a professional environment for meetings, depositions, training sessions, or mediations. You can rent the meeting spaces and conference rooms hourly, daily or weekly. Our team will work with you to make arrangements for your meeting, and in addition, a full catering service can be provided upon request.

Our amenities include Wi-Fi Internet access, audio/visual equipment, conference calling speakerphone, food and beverage service, and administrative support to assist you with the success of your meeting. We have professional and college-educated Virtual Assistants who will make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Please give us a call at 410-814-7500 to schedule your meeting now.

Executive Assistants, The face of your Brand.

Executive Assistant

First Impressions: Executive Assistants

Executive assistants may be more important for your startup business than you think. They give the first impression and convey your company’s message, which is key for your new brand’s image. For every company, especially a startup, customers are extremely important for the future of your business.


In Micah Solomon’s article “Leadership is Swell, But Your Receptionist Makes or Breaks Your Business” he claims a “clueless receptionist today, a bankrupt business tomorrow”. Every single employee is a representation of the brand. Moreover, a disgruntled employee creates a dissatisfied customer which ultimately hurts your brand and businesses bottom-line. Solomon believes that the “first and last impression creator is among the most important positions in your enterprise.” Executive Assistants, receptionists, or any employee on the front line, are essential for your entire business.


Now, I understand that a startup business may not always have the means to provide rigorous customer-service training for their employees. Or perhaps, even have the time to hire or train new employees at all and there’s so much minutiae within a customer’s experience with your brand that often goes overlooked, especially on the first go around. Newly established entrepreneurs tend to be more concerned with back-end business operations. In that case, it would be ideal to source procedural admin tasks to a professional.

In an interview, a first-time business owner gave tips to make a successful startup company. Her #1 tip was to “Keep a Lean Team and Spend Wisely,” where she advises avoiding unnecessary hires and spending every dollar intentionally. This cost efficiency is what all startup business owners can connect with.  As a business owner, having an executive assistant would allow you to use your time adequately. But there is simply not enough time or money to hire and train these employees.


Don’t shy away from having your cake and eating it too! Now, it is easier toExecutive Assistants have professionally trained executive assistants who are versed in and exude your brand’s image, without having to spend time or money on staff training.

Well, with Officense it is! At Officense you will have a team of executive assistants, both in office and virtually, who tailor services to your company’s needs. Our team comes at a fraction of the cost of hiring an assistant on your own. You will gain a fully trained and professional staff that will give your startup the great first impression it needs.

We have executive assistants to answer your calls, greet your clients, follow up with leads, schedule appointments, and much more. We also provide high-end business facilities with fully furnished dedicated and a la carte office space, as well as conference rooms by the hour. Give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to meet your new staff and tour your new prestigious business location, today!

Officense attending the MSBA’s Solo Summit

On November 8th, 2019 members of Officense are going to be at the MSBA’s Solo Summit. We are proud to be a supporter of this event. Stop by our table to learn all of the ways that Officense can help you as a solo practitioner of the law. Allow Officense to partner with you as you start your practice.

Our Services

We offer a la carte office and conference spaces to our attorney clients. Our services are perfect for those of you who are starting your solo firm. You will have the best of both worlds: low overhead for space and a professional office space. Best part is, you will be able to use  only when you need it.

We also offer a wide variety of reception services, some are even included at no cost to you! Just imagine, you could have a real person, answering your important calls and greeting your clients even when you are out of the office. Starting a solo firm can be a difficult journey, but not with Officense.

All of our plans are crafted to fit your budget and your needs. Your services can grow as your firm grows.  Don’t forget to stop by and see us during the break. We look forward to seeing you then!

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