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Therapist Office Rental Maryland

Officense: Therapist office rental in Maryland
Officense: Professional Office Rental in Maryland

Hourly Office Rental in Maryland

Are you a therapist looking for professional office space in Maryland? Officense is the perfect place to choose, we are in a prime location; in the inner harbor of downtown Baltimore, in a class A commercial building. We offer executive suites, On-site staff, and Private offices all on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis, which is perfect if you do not need a full time office space. Therapists, doctors, and psychologists have been using our office space for over 10 years! Not only do we provide the look and feel of a professional office but we also have the on-site staff to help with any admin tasks you need done! For example: Many clients who use our office space use our staff in order to copy, print, or scan documents for them. Look no further because we have everything you need here at Officense!

More than just an office space

When you decide to rent an office space with Officense, you will have access to all sort of amenities! Just to list a few, we have:

  • On-Site Staff
  • Free Internet and Utilities
  • On-Site Gym
  • Window Views
  • Flexible Agreement Lengths
  • Access to a Global Network of Offices
  • Free Kitchen
  • A-la-Carte Conference Rooms

We know how busy it can be as a professional in your day to day life, which is why we try to ease your load and make it a little bit easier for you. In addition we also offer customized phone answering, administrative, and secretarial service for full-time support at an affordable cost. If you are a therapist or health care professional, we have everything you may need to run a successful practice all at an affordable price.

Therapist Office Rental Maryland

Don’t hesitate and choose Officense for your professional office rental today! We can’t wait to meet you, Click here to learn more, inquire about pricing, and book a tour!

Shared Office Space in Maryland Made Easy

Need a shared office space to house your business in Maryland? At Officense we can provide the professional environment you’re looking for, centrally located near the Inner Harbor.

As companies return to in-office practices, demand for space begins to rise again. Ensuring a clean, productive working environment is tantamount to ease employees back into the regular rhythm of working life. Officense provides a variety of services and options to get your company back up to speed. With outstanding service, well-kept facilities, and a price point to suit every client.

Maryland, known for its thriving business ecosystem, is home to numerous startups, tech companies, and entrepreneurs. It’s no surprise that shared office spaces are booming in this state, offering professionals the opportunity to work in a collaborative and innovative environment.

Whether you need a meeting place for a private one on one with a customer, or a conference room with the ability to support virtual attendees. We’re willing to work with you to provide the perfect shared office space you need.

Need Additional Support?

If taking calls is eating into your time, we’ve got you covered. We’ve been providing clerical and phone answering services since 2006. Our shared office space in Maryland is well-equipped to handle incoming and outbound calls, and our executive assistants will always be on the line to provide your clients with support.

Hard at work at the Shared Office Space in Maryland


Our well-stocked kitchenette is at your disposal when you book one of our spaces. Coffee, refrigerator space, as well as catering arrangements can be arranged for your convenience ahead of time. Our rooms are also made complete with seating, computers, desk and cabinet space, and blinds for privacy while you work.

See for Yourself

Our shared office spaces allow businesses to access state-of-the-art facilities without breaking the bank. This cost-effectiveness extends to your digital marketing strategy. We’d love to meet with you to discuss options and services at your convenience and give you a tour of our space. To learn more, email us at info@officense.com or call us at (410)-814-7500.

Looking for a Small Office Space in MD?

Small Offices In MD

Are you looking for a small office space in Maryland? At Officense, we have you covered, conveniently located in the inner harbor area of downtown Baltimore, MD. We have all you could want from a Baltimore, MD address.

small office space in Maryland

What We Can Offer You

At Officense, we offer a wide variety and combination of services, including office space for all your business needs. We offer daily office usage as well as dedicated office space and the use of our conference rooms. Our offices and conference room are soundproof to keep client information private. 

We’re in the professional image business. We have available small office space with an extensive office look and feel. So why not have that small office space with big office looks to impress your clients?

In a world where you can work from home, there are times when there are better options than working from home. Distractions may arise if your children are out of school, relatives are visiting, construction in the home/neighborhood, etc. Having access to professional office settings could change everything when those distractions arise. We have just the solution if you are looking for a virtual office for remote workers.

So Why Pick Us?

Officense provides office rental and a highly skilled support team that can answer your calls, schedule your appointments, and perform back-office tasks. We’re perfect for in-office needs and virtual office needs.

Office space is one of the many services we provide here at Officense. Clients can choose between having a dedicated office or access to office space for a temporary period. With a dedicated office, clients can access a quiet area to work whenever they need. If you do not need access to an office often, our facilities package will work best for you. You will receive access to offices and conference rooms with a facilities package as required. Either option will allow you to have a professional setting to complete your work or hold meetings.

Officense is a local, customer service-focused, and comprehensive solution to all your office needs without renting office space and hiring a whole team.

What is a virtual address?

Earlier this week, we explained a virtual office and some of the services offered. So today, let’s dive more specifically into addresses at these virtual offices and the address services we provide here at Officense.

virtual address for business

So, what is this type of address?

It is a street address you can use as a mailing address or business address without physically needing you or your business to occupy that space.

Virtual mailboxes offer a few more options and added flexibility that a regular address does not provide. They allow you to view and manage any mail you receive at the address from any device, anywhere. Your mailbox provider can receive and scan any correspondence you receive.

At Officense, we offer various services to meet your needs, including address services. We create and cultivate an environment where our address is your address. You will not see Officense listed anywhere in the building, and you will have access to a mailbox that’s yours in our offices.

So why choose a virtual address?

This unique kind of address allows you to register a business in a different city, freedom from limiting you to a physical space, and access to your mail remotely if combined with a virtual mailbox. It can allow you to have your business in any area you’d like that’s available to you. With Officense, you’d have a high-profile Baltimore inner harbor address.

This type of address is also great if you’re a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, and frequent traveler who could use an address service while living on the go. There are many possibilities with a virtual address, and we’re here to help you find the best plan for your needs.

What is a Virtual Office?

Post-pandemic has everyone thinking about flexibility in their workspaces. This need for flexibility has more and more people exploring virtual office spaces for when you have office needs but don’t need a whole office all of the time.

virtual office space

So what is a virtual office?

Indeed describes it as an ideal solution for people who work remotely or those who want to possess a business address without renting a physical office space. 

A virtual office is a space that is a flexible workspace industry that provides businesses with any combination of services, space, and/or technology, without those businesses bearing the capital expenses of owning or leasing a traditional office.

How can we help?

At Officense we proudly offer more than just an address, we offer you a team to back you up. We’re in the professional image business. Whether it’s what your potential clients see when they look you up online, or their first interaction with your company on the phone, Officense ensures you are projecting a consistent, professional image at a fraction of the traditional costs.

On top of being in the professional image business, Officense is a comprehensive suite of business solutions. We are a full-service environment at your disposal, with friendly staff, professional address, administrative services, and reception courtesies available whenever you need.

We assist companies by offering flexible workspace solutions, live-answer phone services, and highly customized administrative services that go far beyond just office rental. Do you work from an office currently and how do you handle your client calls?

Shop our services and see what’s right for your virtual office needs.