The idea of starting your own business may frighten you – and that’s okay; it’s normal to have some questions when you’re stepping into new territory. But the longer you spend doubting yourself, the sooner someone else can come up with a similar idea, leaving them to start making profits before you even made the decision for yourself. And with it being the start to a new year, it’s time to start building healthy habits for ourselves (and our businesses), such as decision-making.

Officense has helped numerous startups over the course of us being in business, and with that we’ve been able to share some helpful tips with business owners and entrepreneurs along the way. To share with you too, here’s a list of 4 simple, yet helpful tips to answer the most common questions that may be delaying you in your independent business owner journey.


OFFICENSE’S TIP: If your idea can solve a problem or address issues that can affect individuals, then the answer is YES. It’s important to consider the audience you are trying to reach, and why your service could add value to their lives. You should test out your theory on a couple of friends or family members before trying your product on potential customers. This allows you to determine the pros (and cons!) of your product or service before putting yourself out there. You’ll also want to consider the price point of what you are offering and how it appeals to your target audience, as that will play a key role in your business both initially and over time.


OFFICENSE’S TIP: Business plans are always a good idea, whether it’s formal or informal is up to you. Some people find that writing Elevator Pitch plans work best for them – they’re naturally short, sweet, and to the point. Other entrepreneurs require more detail to ensure they don’t miss any important aspects of the business and operation of it. Some banks, angels, or venture capitalists will want a formal business plan that should include a financial overview of expenses and marketing strategy. Again, it all depends on the audience you are targeting.


OFFICENSE’S TIP: You should only get a patent if you do not want your competition to take your ideas. Tesla founder Elon Musk decided he would not sue anyone who used Tesla’s patents. He said, “Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly evolving technology platform.”. However, if you need an investment, investors tend to favor companies that hold patents.


OFFICENSE’S TIP: Being a risk-taker plays a key role in becoming a founder. However, some people could struggle with that mentality. If you struggle with it, you might want to consider joining a team/mentorship for added support, rather than working alone. At Inc. 500, 85% of CEOs identify as risk takers. Another key factor in becoming a founder is having what it takes to identify and solve problems. Once you acquire these skills and characteristics, then you should have what it takes to be a founder.

If you’d like to discuss more details or questions about your business, contact Officense to speak with an Executive Assistant. We’ll assist you with a business consultation, and discuss other details, such as adding a mailing address, or call answering. Give us a call at 410-814-7500 for further details.

phone answering

As a small business, maybe you don’t need an office space for daily use. But instead, temporary office space to simply hold meetings with clients as needed. Or perhaps you have the need for an office for a couple of days to work on that proposal or prepare for presentations. At Officense we have Day member agreements that allow you to instantly rent office space at an affordable cost. You pay for only the amount of time spent in the office or conference rooms and you can pay as you go. Nowadays many businesses venture into e-commerce so, maybe you don’t need a physical business location. Allow Officense’s virtual office assistants to aid in those virtual office administrative tasks from answering your live inbound calls and re-routing the calls you actually have time and want to take. Delegate scheduling, billing, mail handling, and forwarding, and tailorable similar tasks to us, your local virtual office assistant.

At Officense, we train our local support staff and executive assistants to provide customized business communication support tailored to meet each individual company’s needs.

We can provide your business with:

  • Unique company DID phone number
  • Tailored call flows and greetings, appointment scheduling capabilities
  • Live answering and announcing
  • Specialized Call Handling Procedures
  • 24/7 phone answering services
  • Solicitation call buffers
  • Mail forwarding
  • Call routing
  • Payment processing and administrative services
  • After hours phone answering services, etc.

Officense leaves room for flexibility with add on a la carte services that can be determined as per your need. At Officense our goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs determine the type of working space and customized communication support your company might need. We are here to help you with your business requirements!

Contacts us now to learn more about how Officense’s virtual office assistants can help you and the people you serve! Give us a call at 410-814-7500 today.


Running a business isn’t easy, especially when you take a hands-on role in keeping things going yourself. You may wonder how to balance all the different roles: fielding calls from customers, suppliers and others while still running your business and spending quality time with your family over the holiday season.

The best way to never miss a call throughout the holidays is with Officense Business Phone Services. Depending on the type of incoming call, we adjust our call handling according to your instruction. We answer and screen your calls, then connect the call to your correct team member, anywhere in the world! We can capture sales lead information, share info about your company or even schedule appointments through your own custom CRM. On top of that, never mind filtering out the spam and robo callers – as Officense will be sure to filter those out before the call reaches you.


Selecting a Business Phone Service may be challenging, but using it should be nothing but easy. Your organization needs a cost-effective business phone service that offers exceptional reliability, quality, outstanding customer service, and features to match your needs. With an understanding of the capabilities and attributes that are important, you can sort through the abundance of options available with confidence. And it’s all here in one place – at Officense.


If you give clients your office number, there’s a risk you’ll miss the call if you have to step away. On the other hand, giving out your cell phone number could really put a kink in your positive work/life balance. It can also sometimes appear a little less than professional. That’s why Officense gives you the tools you need to take your business with you. We provide a dedicated business number, plus the ability to present menu options to all your callers and connect them to anyone in your company, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Our on-site receptionists greet your clients in a friendly manner and project a professional image for your company. We answer and screen your calls, per your instructions, then announce and connect the call to the correct member of your company, anywhere in the world! At Officense, we focus on delivering a level of service unmatched by any other Business Call Handling Service.

Your Virtual office

Today you do not necessarily require to have a physical location to run a business. You are also not required to invest in a lease or pay rent on a particular location. With the use of virtual office, businesses and their employees can work whenever and from wherever they like. A virtual office allows businesses and their employees to save commute time, money, and also it increases productivity, lower technology costs, lower overhead costs and produces low turnover rates.

Some key benefits of virtual office would be:

  1. Having a prestigious business location

Home-based businesses are becoming more and more popular. Having the physical address that comes with a virtual office adds value to the business. Along with that meeting potential clients in a professional setting has the best first impression. Having a postal address will help businesses to look more prestigious rather than having their home address. And also, you will have the privacy of not giving out your home address to the clients.

  • Assistance of virtual assistants

Virtual assistants can help manage your daily incoming calls and leads. They can help with scheduling appointments, managing your calendar, arranging meetings, payment processing, preparing documents, printing, and making copies of the documents, and help with scanning and forwarding your mail. You can use a virtual landline number instead of using your cell/home number. The virtual assistants can screen your calls, forward the calls accordingly, and handle the marketing calls as per your request.

  • Can be cost effective

A virtual office allows businesses to work remotely by providing a range of business functions and also create a presence in a desirable location without the need to pay rent for the actual office. Traditional office space comes with a lot of costs such as rent, utilities, IT infrastructure, furniture, etc. A virtual office allows you to use the traditional office space as per your needs. You can access fully furnished offices and conference rooms that are equipped with updated tools.

  • Saves commute time and money

Utilizing a virtual office means being able to work whenever and from wherever you want. Whereas, working in a traditional office means getting ready for work and traveling to get to your office. With the use of a virtual office, you can work comfortably from your home office or from a fully-furnished private office.

At Officense, we give you virtual office solutions to make working remotely work for you. Our virtual office assistants and live receptionists are here to answer your calls and handle your administrative needs. We give you a professional face, help you communicate with clients, and provide you with the tools to work remotely.

Officense offers many services that can help your virtual business run smoothlyVirtual phone services with virtual office assistants to handle your calls, set appointments, and follow up with leads. We also provide a business mailing address and virtual address mail forwarding. We give you the tools and technology to increase productivity and communication, all at an affordable price.

To get more information give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500, today!


Mediators and Arbitrators

The article “WHY COWORKING WORKS FOR MILLENNIALS” discusses the pros to working in a shared office space. Shared office spaces are where individuals from multiple businesses can engage in work. Millennials are becoming entrepreneurs, building and joining startups. and consequently are starting to shape the trends of how and where we work. The article discusses why millennials use shared office space.


1. Lower Costs – Shared office spaces are almost always cheaper than their full-office counterparts.
2. Fewer Responsibilities – “Things like cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the building’s owners”.
3. Networking Opportunities – “It’s a perfect place to meet new people in the professional world”.
4. Smaller Commitments– Shared office space is used monthly, daily, or hourly rather than having a long-term lease.
5. Support for Startups – “Shared spaces are ideal for entrepreneurs with small budgets, uncertain futures, and a need for networking with other businesses”.
6. Urban-Centric Locations – “Shared office spaces usually occupy urban centers, making them a perfect fit in millennials dream locations”.
7. Resistance to Traditional Offices – “They’re breaking down corporate hierarchies, dismantling 9 to 5 mentalities, and even redefining social norms in business interactions”.


At Officense, we can meet all of your co-working needs. We can provide you space to collaborate and be around others, while also giving you the freedom to make your own schedule. We offer fully furnished dedicated office space and month to month office space as needed, without the hefty price tag. Not only are there conference rooms by the hour, but they’re at the low rates you need. You avoid using resources to pay an expensive rent, while having an impressive office to use when you need it. In addition, we offer beautiful startup office space overlooking the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. You are able to completely customize the way your run your business. Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to meet your new staff and tour your new business location, today!

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