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Starting a mediation practice can be both a challenging and rewarding process. But with the proper setup, anyone in the mediation community can start a thriving practice. Whether you are a former attorney or a idealistic new comer to the field, who would like to focus energy on resolving disputes outside the court room, there are a few basic steps you can take to help you along the way! Here are 4 useful tips for the budding mediator.

Useful Mediation Tips For Practitioners

  1. Do the Research: Begin by diving into the established mediation literature. A good place to start would be “The Mediator’s Handbook” by Jennifer E. Beer.

  1. Get the Training: Next, take a basic training course. These are offered frequently by community organizations or local bar associations.  No matter what your past mediation experience, this will be beneficial in establishing real credentials.
  2. Volunteer and Network: One of the best ways to get some quick mediation experience is through volunteer work. In addition, Many community centers and mediation groups are in desperate need of helpful pro bono work. Plus, this will be a great way meet other mediators and get your name out in the mediation community.

  1. Find a Place to Meet Clients: One of the biggest challenges is finding a neutral location to meet your new clients. Obviously, you do not want to host a mediation in your home or at your client’s location. The best option available in Baltimore is hourly conference room or office through OFFICENSE. The rooms are fully furnished, include internet, are fully staffed, and provide the professional setting that differentiate you from competition and set you up for future referrals. The rates are very reasonable and the staff has years of experience hosting both mediation and arbitration. When it comes to finding a place to host your new practice’s first client, just call 410-814-7500.

School Season

Summer is quickly coming to a close and the school season will soon be in full swing, after this Labor Day weekend.  That means school shopping, homework, recitals, soccer practice, and more. As a business owner and parent, you understand the important of time and so does Officense.

Business Services for the Back to School Season

Our office works with your business to provide efficient virtual business services. For example, why be in the office all day, when Officense can answer your calls and transfer them to you anywhere, whether it’s to you out running errands or picking up the kids. We greet your customers and provide a professional office experience for your clientele, even when you are out of the office. We understand the importance of work-life balance. The school season can make this difficult.

We have the tools to keep you organized and looking professional no matter the constraints on your time. Call us today at 410-814-7500 to speak about how we can help your business at this turning point in the year.


Time managementEveryone at some point has trouble managing their time. Time Management is a stressful activity in many business settings. Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Planners, Contractors and even CEOs can feel the strain of poor time management effect on their businesses and performance at work. Detailed appointment scheduling can improve your business’ time management.

Late Arrivals Solved with Appointment Scheduling

For example, if a doctor runs overtime with a patient at 8 AM, then he’s late for all his other appointments or playing catch up because of not keeping to the schedule. Furthermore, being late, running over, or forgetting appointment is extremely costly to businesses in every industry. According to a survey by CareerBuilder in 2017, 25% of employees are late at least once a month and 16% are tardy more than once a month to work. Being late effects everyone, no business is immune to this phenomenon. But, wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution to keep yourself on time as a business owner?

Officense has your time management solution at the ready with HiLivePro’s appointment scheduling professionals. Our college educated assistants will use your shared calendar to set appointments for your business, while collecting a detailed set of information for you to better asset your clients’ needs before appointment take place. Finally, our assistants can provide lead tracking on your scheduled appointments for your marketing department. We use, intuitive thought to anticipate your customers’ needs and what is important to your business. That’s the added value of HiLivePro, we can even classify your appointments for more complex scheduling. Don’t let disorganization affect your business. Have HiLivePro keep you on track for business success!

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Office Space

Co-Working spaces are the new way to use office space. The article The Shared Office is Hotter Than Ever shares that ~1.2 million people have worked in a co-working space. They think that “what started as a niche product is now changing the way office space is designed and consumed. That office space is now becoming a service”.

Providing a Business Headquarters as a Service

Rather than just thinking of a commercial lease or physical space to go from 9-5, they introduce the idea of office space as a service. By offering office space as a service, “companies can get started right away, without big deposits or long lease commitments”. Using co-working spaces or a temporary office rental can provide any sized business with a “headquarters as a service”. By providing a service, it provides companies with a “scalable and adaptable office space solution that can grow (or shrink) on-demand based on their needs”.

Flexible Office Space: Hybrid Business Model Approach

Flexibility is one of the most attractive things about using an office service. The future of office space will be “flexible, allowing companies to create work spaces they’re proud of on a timeline that makes sense for their businesses”. Many co-working companies have established with “mission to shape the future of our working environments”. The article quotes a co-working expert and businessman. He believes “business in general will more towards a more hybrid business model approach. It won’t solely be just co-working or just executive suites. People will want a hybrid of all types of flexible work space models for their business”.

Finding a Flexible Solution for Your Business

Officense provides you with flexible commercial office rentals and services. We provide a range of office solutions, from dedicated office space to office space by the hour. We work on a pay as you go basis, so you are able to completely customize the way you run your business. This allows you to avoid paying an expensive monthly rent, while still having an impressive office to use when you need it. Officense also offers front desk reception, phone services and a prestigious downtown business mailing address. Whether you want to rent office space month to month or office space for the day, give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to tour your new business location, today!

THIS WEEKEND- Artscape Baltimore Starts

ArtscapeFor the last 36 years the celebration of Artscape has elevated the family friendly fun of summer in Baltimore. Starting on this Friday, July 21st, Artscape, the largest free Art festival will be starting for yet another year. Are you going to join us in the fun? Artscape is an event that celebrates and showcases the artistic talents of painters, musicians, sculptors, dancers, photographers, and so many more.

Artscape 2017

The festival offers a chance for everyone to explore new artists and enjoy a free outing in the city. Perhaps you will attend one of the many concerts or shop the artisans’ stalls for your next art experience. To find out the events schedule for Artscape click on this link.  Also, do not forget about the amazing street food that will be available! Sounds like a great time to grab a funnel cake or even tacos from the many vendors servicing the event. The festival is being held around Mount Royal Avenue & Cathedral Street, Charles Street, Bolton Hill, and Station North Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods with various events at each location. The Festival will end on Sunday, July 23rd, so do not miss out on all the family friendly entertainment.

We hope to see you there! We are a proud supporter of local businesses in Baltimore and would love to assist your business, today! Rest assured, Officense has got your business during the festival whether it’s answering your calls, processing your mail, or greeting your clients. If you need office or conferencing space over the festival weekend give us a call!