Bounty Hunter’s Administrative Services

Bounty hunters are private citizens who aid the criminal justice system. As an independent private citizen contractor, they have the legal authority to track down and arrest the fugitives. Their work may vary from day to day but each assignment follows the same pattern. Their daily task includes:

  • Collect new bounties and new assignments from multiple agencies for a set of fees.
  • Investigate the fugitives which require investigating fugitive’s home, workplace, hangout places, and interviewing several people related to the case.
  • Conduct research that involves communication with police contacts, investigating fugitive’s online presence, tracking his credit cards, and many more.

Being an independent private citizen contractor there is always more work to be done in the office from answering emails, answering calls, scheduling interviews, processing billing, research related paperwork, and much more. You must be overwhelmed with your day-to-day task but guess what you don’t need to worry anymore because Officense is here to help. With Officense’s by your side, you can focus on your job while our executive assistants handle all your administrative tasks.  

Officense is here to help!

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