An Optometrist provides eye care and vision care, aside from any medical surgeries. By WebMD’s definition, an optometrist is a “primary care doctor for your eyes.” While your passion may be to heal people’s eyes, you’ll still need assistance with the customer service aspect for your practice. Having a live staff to discuss appointments with your patients can play a significant role in developing efficiency, and can also help with the high volume of patients to workload ratio. At Officense, our executive assistants can handle calls for you, allowing you to use your valuable time more efficiently. This could include general questions and FAQ’s, scheduling initial or follow-up appointments, or even rescheduling for any new or current patients. You don’t have to worry about handling your schedule and managing your workload. Our office assistants are here to cover your call handling tasks for you.


One of the advantages of implementing a phone answering service is the ability to only take calls that require your specific expertise. We’re able to screen the calls and filter them, allowing for only the most important calls to connect to you while we handle the rest. Officense can work with your practice in setting up an effective call forwarding system that sorts all callers. Furthermore, you can customize a plan that fits your practice’s needs. With Officense’s HiLivePro, you’ll have a live staff at all times, with the option of round-the-clock phone answering. So, whether you want calls only during regular hours, or you want to accept them 24/7, we’ll have you covered. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of getting too many calls with too little time to answer them.


At Officense, we have a fully-trained staff readily available to provide phone answering services for all of your practice’s needs. For optometrists, and any medical professional, a call handling staff is incredibly beneficial. At Officense, we aim to create a more efficient experience for you and your patients. For more details, please contact us today by email at, or you can call us at 410-814-7500. Talk soon!