Charitable Organizations HUBzone Planning

As a charitable organization funding can be hard to come by. With many organizations applying to the same grants, contacting the same funders, and so on it can be hard to guarantee you will get the funds you need. However, utilizing the HUBzone Certification program can help. Charitable Organizations HUBzone planning will reduce some stress surrounding your business’ funding.

How can Participating in the HUBZone program help you?

The HUBZone Certification is run by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The HUBZone certification program benefits minority owned businesses as well as companies in areas that are historically underutilized by businesses as designated by the administration. If your business falls under one of these categories, then your firm could receive preferred treatment in the bidding process.

Charitable Organizations HUBZone planning will make the playing field fair for your small business. Without the competition from bigger businesses, your business has a great chance of receiving a set-aside contract.

Does your Charitable Organization qualify for HUBZone Certification?

The first step to applying is to have an office within a HUBZone. You can check if your location is qualified at this link by entering your address. If your office location is not in a HUBZone, then don’t fret! Our office at the Inner Harbor is perfect for a charitable organization HUBZone. We provide address services, office space, and reception services at a competitive rate. Once you have signed up with us, your business has overcome a major hurdle to acquiring HUBZone status.

Get a head start on your planning!

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