Civil Litigation Lawyer Phone Answering

Solo Practice

You are inundated with paperwork. There are court appointments to keep. You have new clients to see and current clients to report to. Between paperwork and running around trying to meet all of your responsibilities, do you have time to answer the phone? Do you have time to do it every time it rings? What if it rings while you are in court? How about in a meeting with another client? What will you do then? You need a civil litigation lawyer phone answering service.

Executive Assistant

Live Answers

With well trained executive assistants your clients (and anyone else that needs to get a hold of you) will be assured of a friendly human greeting every time. Instead of listening to the phone ring an indeterminate length of time, it will be picked up with a live person to answer it. That is only part of the beauty of a civil litigation lawyer phone answering service.

Much To Do says that a civil litigation lawyer ” handles all aspects of the lawsuit, including filling out the paperwork that must be filed with the court, seeing to those filings, and having documents legally served on parties to the lawsuit. The civil litigator also gathers evidence, files motions, and attends scheduled court hearings. The lawyer may also file an appeal if the case is not won. ” With all of that going on, do you feel you’ve the time to make the commitment to your clients as well as answer the phone? Probably not, hence the civil litigation lawyer phone answering service.


Here at Officense, we can help you meet your needs by transferring calls where you need them to go, when you need them to go. Our fantastic staff of executive assistants are there to assist you as you need. Will you be in court, but are expecting a call back from a client or potential client? We have you covered. We can give them a message, forward them to your voicemail, or tell them a better time to call to actually reach you.

Other Services

Civil litigation phone answering services are only a fraction of the services we provide at Officense. We also offer office and conference room rentals (both hourly and monthly). Then there are our address services, granting you a prestigious address to utilize as your own. Add onto that our mail services and you are set to go.


Whether your needs are large or small, please feel free to give us a call at 410-814-7500. You can also reach us at or by coming in and seeing us at 300 East Lombard Street Baltimore, MD, 21202. Our website, Officense, is also at your disposal for more information or to chat with our customer service.