How to Climb your Business Mountain towards Success

3-29-17 NJ

The hurdles of climbing a mountain can be metaphorically compared to every day obstacles in the business world. Susan Payton, the president of Egg Marketing and Communications, recently wrote an article entitled “6 Entrepreneurship Lessons We Can Learn From Climbing Mountains.” This article includes important lessons she learned from climbing the Dolomite Mountain during her travels in Italy. Payton relates her hiking experience to challenges faced in business.

Payton compares having the right tools to complete her trek to business owners having what they need to overcome any roadblocks. She needed blister pads, sunscreen, and water to conquer the physical challenges of her hike. As an entrepreneur you will need well trained employees to improve productivity. Or, you may need professional meeting space to provide a more sophisticated and polish image for your company. You’ll have to find the necessary tools that you need and use them to succeed in your corporation.

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