Co-Working Spaces: How Office Space is Becoming a Service

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Co-Working spaces are the new way to use office space. The article The Shared Office is Hotter Than Ever shares that ~1.2 million people have worked in a co-working space. They think that “what started as a niche product is now changing the way office space is designed and consumed. That office space is now becoming a service”.

Providing a Business Headquarters as a Service

Rather than just thinking of a commercial lease or physical space to go from 9-5, they introduce the idea of office space as a service. By offering office space as a service, “companies can get started right away, without big deposits or long lease commitments”. Using co-working spaces or a temporary office rental can provide any sized business with a “headquarters as a service”. By providing a service, it provides companies with a “scalable and adaptable office space solution that can grow (or shrink) on-demand based on their needs”.

Flexible Office Space: Hybrid Business Model Approach

Flexibility is one of the most attractive things about using an office service. The future of office space will be “flexible, allowing companies to create work spaces they’re proud of on a timeline that makes sense for their businesses”. Many co-working companies have established with “mission to shape the future of our working environments”. The article quotes a co-working expert and businessman. He believes “business in general will more towards a more hybrid business model approach. It won’t solely be just co-working or just executive suites. People will want a hybrid of all types of flexible work space models for their business”.

Finding a Flexible Solution for Your Business

Officense provides you with flexible commercial office rentals and services. We provide a range of office solutions, from dedicated office space to office space by the hour. We work on a pay as you go basis, so you are able to completely customize the way you run your business. This allows you to avoid paying an expensive monthly rent, while still having an impressive office to use when you need it. Officense also offers front desk reception, phone services and a prestigious downtown business mailing address. Whether you want to rent office space month to month or office space for the day, give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to tour your new business location, today!

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