A contract lawyer’s job is exactly what it sounds like – a lawyer who handles contracts. Their job includes everything from drafting the contract, to managing and executing them between the involved parties. With so much to know about contracts, law, and other regulations, being a lawyer can be challenging. As someone who is consistently slammed with other priorities of their work, their call handling service and other front-end business requirements need to be handled efficiently.


One of the main keys to any lawyer’s success is Officense, and our call handling services. Many other law agencies and partners of our company, such as the Maryland State Bar Association, have already found Officense’s phone answering services to be an extremely useful solution to manage their communication paths. Communication and business process outsourcing with Officense ensures that all communication needs are fulfilled in a professional and timely manner.


Financial Advisors

With Officense, our clients are able to run their phone answering services within our regular office hours, or within their own business’s hours. Whether that’s limited to Monday thru Friday, or round-the-clock with 24/7 call services, rest assured that Officense is able to support it. We have trained call specialists that can collect any information needed, and guide the caller correctly, per given instruction. Our executive assistants work with our clients, in order to sculpt the proper phone answering script to match individual needs.


Don’t put it off any longer – contact us to get some assistance with your admin tasks. You can reach our offices at 410-814-7500, or send an email to Our office hours are currently 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday thru Friday. We can also meet in person, if you’d rather tour and get a chance to see all we have to offer. Our office is located at 300 E. Lombard St., Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202. We can focus on the front-end things, while you focus on what you’re passionate about – being a lawyer.

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