Credit Union Admin Services In Maryland

They say money doesn’t buy happiness. And maybe they’re right- however, it’s one of the most important things in life. So when it comes to trusting your money in the hands of an institution? That’s a big responsibility. So owning your own credit union? Not an easy feat! From receiving checks/cash to deposit for your clients, to verifying amounts and examining checks for proper endorsement, to entering deposits into computer records- and more! So many important admin tasks, on top of the back office tasks that come with owning any company.. before you know it you’re overloaded! So if you’re looking for Credit Union admin services in Maryland, you’ve come to the right place- with Officense!

What admin tasks can Officense do for your credit union?

We can take care of your mail

Being a credit union, you get a plethora of mail. Junk mail, solicitors plus the actual important mail that you need received correctly, in an organized manner. Let our awesome team take care of that for you! Our team will organize your mail between what’s junk, and what you need. We can notify you of any incoming mail you are getting. And, we can even save you that dreaded trip to the post office- let Officense mail out anything you want, via USPS, UPS, or FedEx! We’ll provide you with your own mailbox, and can even forward your mail right to your desired choice. We will take care of it ALL- so you don’t have to!

We can answer your phone for you

You can also take advantage of our live answering services. Officense can be your own personal assistant- We can take those calls from clients with questions/issues regarding their account, we can schedule any appointments needed, send those solicitation calls right to voicemail, whatever you want! We can also make any outgoing calls that you are just too busy to make. We provide you your own number, voicemail extension, everything needed to keep your business running smoothly.

How Can I Hire Officense?

Great question!

Officense is located in beautiful downtown Baltimore City, Maryland, right by the Inner Harbor. Located at 300 E. Lombard St, come up to suite 840 and get started with us today!

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