The definitive properties of a debt collector’s job typically include “arranging for the repayment of outstanding debts owed to the company, and contacting debtors by phone and negotiating on affordable payment plans for recovery of the debts,” as described by JobHero.


While a debt collector’s job is primarily based as outbound-call contact, you still might need assistance with some of those incoming calls. With Officense’s HiLivePro, your collection company will receive dedicated business phone answering services, running 24/7. There’ll be no more worrying about juggling the inbound and outbound calls! Call specialists undergo rigorous training to perform as well as actual members of your staff. The callers are greeted and handled per your exact instruction. Callers can be instantly connected to you, leave customized messages with us on your behalf, or leave a voicemail. 24/7 phone answering services are a top priority for many businesses.


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With Officense’s HiLivePro, you also get the added benefit of bilingual phone answering services. Not only are calls able to be returned round the clock, but a wider, bilingual clientele can be reached as well! Companies today can’t afford to overlook those who speak more than one language. The truth is, the U.S. one of the highest concentrations of Spanish speakers in the world. So why not open up your call handling to a wider audience, and grow with the changes taking place in society? With dual phone lines, and phone tree options, HiLivePro gives your callers options to proceed in either English or Spanish.


Reach out to Officense today to find out more about HiLivePro, and other benefits we have to offer your collection agency. Our phone number is 410-814-7500, and our email is: Feel free to stop by for an in-person demonstration as well. Our office hours are currently 10AM – 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Officense will handle your incoming calls, so you can focus on the rest.

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