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Live Answer, Professional Screening, Instant Call Forwarding

OFFICENSE is not just a call answering service. Our Executive Assistants are trained to be a part of your company and represent you for each of your calls. They are knowledgeable about your company and your business. They know who your frequent callers are and how to handle their call professionally. All of your callers will feel like they're your most important client.

Live Reception Services

With the Live Receptionist service, you’ll get only the calls you want, when you want them. Our dedicated staff answers your calls in your company name just as you would like them to. When a call comes in for you, our Executive Assistant will greet your callers and carefully screen and forward them according to your most current instructions. Regardless of your company's size, our knowledgeable receptionists will handle your calls more professionally and affordably than ever before.

A Single Point of Contact

Whether you're out of town, working from home, or simply out on an errand, your clients will only need one contact number for you. This protects the privacy of your personal phone numbers while making it easier than ever for your clients to do business with you. Using our exclusive "follow me" communtications we will know the best methods and times to reach you throughout your busy day.

An Executive Assistant who's Always on Time and Never Sick

Does this sound familiar? Marie had a full-time receptionist in her office for years. However recently, in only a two-month period, she went through four nightmarish receptionists who were uninterested, inexperienced or both. Marie was wasting a great deal of time trying to train receptionists only to have them leave within a few days. Between the quality of work and the high turnover rate, it simply wasn’t cost or time effective. She soon saw the need for an alternative so she turned to Officense. With Officense, she pays for reception services when she needs them and receives reliable and professional assistance without the worries of hiring a full time employee.
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