Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. How does the virtual mail address work?
We offer a prestigious business address where your business is listed at our address. All of your mail will be handled by our virtual assistants. We can notify you once you received mail or we can forward your mail to you as needed. We’d love to sit down to discuss more details with you or any requests you may have.
2. Can I pick up mail after hours?
Yes. You have access to your mail box 24x7. You also have numerous other options to get your mail.
3. Do you notify if I receive mail?
Absolutely, when you have a business address with Officense, you can choose to be notified on whatever schedule you desire.
4. Can you tell me from whom I got my mail?
Yes, that’s the benefit of having a virtual office address with Officense; we can customize mail notification to include listing senders and other pertinent information.
5. Can you open the mail and provide me more details of what I received in mail?
Just like an on-site assistant, your virtual receptionist can provide many services, including providing more information or scanning your mail through virtual mailbox services.
6. Can you forward me my mail upon request?
Of course, we provide whatever service you request, including mail forwarding. The options are limitless and we’d love to sit down to discuss them with you.
7. Can I schedule mail forwarding on a weekly basis for the day I pick?
Sure, we have a variety of options for mail forwarding and can develop a plan according to what days and options work best for you.
8. What if I receive checks in mail? Can you help deposit the checks?
Yes we do this for number of our customers. We can set up a process to handle the checks you receive. We also scan and keep a log of the checks received and processed so you can reconcile it with your bank statement. Please contact us for details….
9. Can you scan and email the mail I received?
The virtual mailbox scanning service with Officense is popular and cost effective. Call us to find out how it can work for your business.
10. Can you mail specific documents to an address I need the mail to go to?
Mail forwarding options have a wide range and Officense is very accommodating. We often forward documents on behalf of our clients and would love to discuss the details of how it can meet your business needs.
11. How do you handle express delivery mail?
When your express mail arrives, we sign for it just as you would expect from your regular on-site staff. We then notify you or we can follow instructions you’ve given ahead of time. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.
12. What if I want documents picked up by someone else?
When you sign up for a business address with Officense, you can authorize any person you choose to pick up documents or mail. You can even customize the authorization instructions; we’d love to discuss options with you!
13. What if someone wants to drop some documents for me at the office?
Hand-delivered mail is treated just like it would be in a standard office environment, and you will be notified immediately of its arrival. If you have additional questions, we’d welcome to opportunity to discuss them with you.
14. Do you handle large packages delivery?
Large packages will be held in the office and you can pick them up any time. Do you want more options? Contact us and we’ll find a solution that works for you.
15. Can you prepare direct market materials and mail them?
We have planned, prepared and managed many direct mail marketing campaigns and can provide a custom design for you or manage one you’ve already developed. Call us for details and options.
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