Family Practice Phone Answering

You have heaps of projects to get done in a work day when you run a family practice. When you’re not scheduling consultations with the prospective clients who need them, you may be working tirelessly to build up your own independent practice. If you have your own small business, the last thing you want to worry about is fielding the myriad of phone calls you’ll be receiving. And, although you may be trying to avoid solicitors and robo-callers, you can’t just ignore unknown numbers. The unknown number calling could be a new client referred by an old one. It could also be a returning customer with questions for you. You can’t handle every call that comes through to your office phone while also dodging the unwanted ones. Imagine how much of a drastic difference a family practice phone answering service would make in your life…

The Solution

A family practice phone answering service is similar to a virtual receptionist, but half the price of the in-house version. Career Trend says that a receptionist or answering service is vital to a business. In this article, they explain that “[receptionists] play an important role in the office.” Unfortunately, an in-house receptionist’s salary can cut deeply into your steadily-growing small business’s profits. A phone answering service, like Officense, can complete all the duties of a receptionist for a fraction of the price.

Officense has been offering virtual assistant services and phone answering since 2006. Our executive assistants are no stranger to family practice answering services and how to best meet the needs of your growing firm. You can design a script that suits your business’s needs. Then, we can make it a reality through our phone services.

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