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Financial Industry Virtual Assistant

Brokers, partners, prospective investors, and the media may swarm your phone with countless calls. All of them have to be answered, and handled in their own unique way as callers differ in small yet critical ways. Does this mean you have to begin searching for, interviewing, and training staff to ensure all your calls are answered effectively? All of this takes up huge amounts of your most important resources: Time and Money. But there is a different way of handling your telecommunication needs. There is a way to get the service you need without the hassle of acquiring an on-site staff. Just call Officense. We specialize in helping financial industry leaders maintain their bottom-line while providing their callers with professional customized communications management. When you select a virtual assistant package with Officense you are guaranteed professional business phone answering that will cost you a fraction of the price tag of an onsite staff.

Business Phone Reception and Follow me Communications

Whether you work from home, or have to travel for business, important calls shouldn’t be missed. When you choose a virtual office assistant with Officense, you get our exclusive "Follow-Me Communication" services. This means that we will forward calls according to your instructions anywhere in the world. For the financial business leader, a virtual assistant from Officense is the only solution to your business phone answering needs. We provide courteous, professional, customized service so you maintain the corporate image you’ve built. Whether you need simple live answering, consultation scheduling, custom call screening or more, we are the company to contact.

Financial Consultation Scheduling

Do you have important prospects that you want to sit down with? Are there potential partner that you'd like to woo? Perhaps you need to project a strong, professional presence as the first point of contact for your company. Why not get consultation scheduling or appointment booking services with Officense. According to your specifications, we will schedule consultations for new or existing clients and contacts in your online calendar. Consultation scheduling with a virtual assistant will give you the support you need to keep your calendar on track.