Fraternal Societies Phone Answering

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Welcome to the life of brotherhoods. No, wait, that’s not what this post is about! This post is about what comes after that. All of the annoying fraternal societies phone answering that you need to do! Your brothers are calling, you have connections to other societies that are calling, and you still have to deal with all of the annoying nuisance calls too! What’s a man to do when their phone starts ringing off the hook like an adolescents? Well, that my friend, is when you find a fraternal societies phone answering service to give you a hand. That way your phone can take a breather and so can you.

Fraternal Fones

Whether you are a Free Mason, whose order was founded sometime in the end of the 13th century, or you are a new kid on the block (like Sigma Beta Rho formed in 1996 per NIC Fraternities) you handle a lot of people. These people might be new members, old members, former members, members families or they could be people that you need to deal with for one reason or another. (Think electricians, power companies, schools, so on and so forth) All of these people stay in touch one way or another. That is usually by phone. Which means your phone rings all day long while you handle that. You also get the robo calls, the telemarketers, and those annoying hang up calls. Why deal with the stress and nuisance of these when you can have a fraternal societies phone answering service?

Societies Service

A fraternal societies phone answering service is going to be able to route the calls appropriately (money questions to the treasurer, new members to whomever handles them, bills to accounting so on and so forth). They can also save you time by being the ones to receive the hang ups, telemarketers, and robo calls. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you utilize this service?

Here at Officense we can handle all of the above and so much more. Does your fraternal society need a webpage? We have you covered. Need to have a meeting but have no meeting space? We have you covered there too. Please check out our website for our fraternal societies phone answering services as well as the myriad other services we offer.

Contact Connection

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