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Instant, Affordable, Scalable

OFFICENSE has been assisting therapists, doctors, and psychologists for over 10 years, providing professional office and communication solutions. OFFICENSE's professional address, offices, conference rooms, and live answer phone services lend instant credibility to any practice. Customized phone answering, administrative, and secretarial services provide full-time support while you only pay for what you use.

Grow Your Practice with OFFICENSE

  • Private Office and Conference Rooms
  • Business Address and Mail Handling
  • Live Answer Phone Services
  • On-Demand Admin Support
  • Scheduling and Appointment Management
  • Live Web Chat
  • Web Design and Domain Names
  • Book Keeping
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Registered Agent
  • Virtual Paralegal
  • Hosting and IT
  • Data Entry and CRM
  • Managed Email Marketing
  • Outbound Calling
  • Coworking
  • Notary
  • Local SEO Consulting

Scheduling Medical Appointments

Medical offices can be bombarded with calls related to setting appointments. Appointment setting and schedule management is key in developing an efficient medical practice, and can also help you keep up with the high volume of patients. At Officense, our virtual office assistants can set appointments for you so that your staff can use their valuable time more effectively. This could include scheduling follow-up appointments, initial appointments, or rescheduling missed appointments for patients. No longer will your practice be forced to miss calls or spend time staring at a calendar.

Patient Records Space Solutions

Medical offices and health care providers document almost everything. When patient volume begins to outgrow available file storage space, it can present a serious problem. Many offices do not have the space or the time to deal with filing and storing these records internally. Freeing up valuable office space can help a business grow, and allow for the internal office space you need to effectively run your practice. We will confidentially store your files in a secure, on-site location, which you can access 24/7 any day of the year. Officense offers document storage solutions for medical providers so that they can easily store, file, and access documents when they need them.

Call Flow Management

One of the many advantages to hiring a health care answering service is the ability to take only calls that relate to your specific department. No longer will you receive calls in the pediatric department that should have gone to the billing office! Officense can work with your practice in setting up an effective call forwarding system that sorts all callers. The advantages of a call forwarding service include no longer missing calls from potential patients, increased mobility and flexibility, as well as the ability to customize a plan that fits your individual and practice’s needs.