Officense is as business - savvy as you are tech - savvy.

Instant, Affordable, Scalable

OFFICENSE has been assisting tech support help desks and IT professionals for over 10 years, providing professional office and communication solutions. OFFICENSE's professional address, offices, conference rooms, and live answer phone services lend instant credibility to any business. Customized phone answering, administrative, and secretarial services provide full-time support while you only pay for what you use.

Grow Your Business with OFFICENSE

  • Private Office and Conference Rooms
  • Business Address and Mail Handling
  • Live Answer Phone Services
  • On-Demand Admin Support
  • Scheduling and Appointment Management
  • Live Web Chat
  • Web Design and Domain Names
  • Book Keeping
  • Small Business Consulting
  • Registered Agent
  • Virtual Paralegal
  • Hosting and IT
  • Data Entry and CRM
  • Managed Email Marketing
  • Outbound Calling
  • Coworking
  • Notary
  • Local SEO Consulting

IT Service Management

IT Professionals are known for their problem solving abilities and technological genuis. You realize the power of technology to help people solve everyday problems. In your field you often find yourself multi-tasking to the max, onsite with clients while taking calls, setting appointments to meet potential new customers, managing data and files, and sorting mail. Sometimes the frustration of handling it all while managing to stay on track with the IT work you love can be overwhelming. Officense is an effective business solution for IT professionals. Those who utilize effective communication techniques hold the keys to industry leadership and success. We have an in-depth knowledge of industry needs and will work with you to develop a plan that helps you keep on track with communication, while living out your dream of a successful IT business.

Help Desk Answering Service

You can install, manage, and troubleshoot complex systems and servers. You can root out bugs in seemingly the blink of an eye. You are the go-to tech-guy or gal for all your acquaintances’ technical inquiries. But you cannot stop the phone from ringing. The need to effectively manage calls while not spending all day on the phone is a problem for many IT Professionals. Officense can provide the live answering service you need at a price that won’t break the bank.

Mail Management for IT Professionals

You receive boxes, parts, invoices from vendors and checks from clients, invitations to network, and spam from solicitors. The steady flow of correspondence can hinder you from taking care of your daily business, and urgent mail can get lost among the junk mail. At Officense, we will sort and handle your mail and packages according to your specifications. If you need mail forwarded or scanned, checks deposited, junk discarded, or you need us to give you a phone call when that extra special part arrives, Officense has you covered.