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You Worked Hard to Pass the Bar, We work Hard to Raise it.

Solutions for every Legal Professional

Whether you have recently passed the bar or are a seasoned law veteran, OFFICENSE has what you need to ensure your practice's success. Call OFFICENSE today to learn how we can create the package you need to run your business smoothly.

Document Transcription and Exhibit Preparation

Our executive assistants can handle exhibit preparation and documents that need to be transcribed. Whether it’s a sound file of a case that needs transcribing, or a PDF that can’t be converted while maintaining accuracy and formatting, we can help. Our assistants are here to handle any copying, faxing, or clerical needs for you.

Video Conference and Teleconference

Teleconferencing is a great option when you need to meet with clients or partners a little farther away. You can be face to face with those who need to be physically present and use our conference call feature for those who don’t. Many legal professionals opt for teleconferencing every day as an easy go-to option when meetings need to be arranged to accommodate super busy schedules and various locations. In addition to teleconferencing, Officense can provide state-of-the-art video conferencing. Our platform is supported by Polycom ViewStation technology, which runs on our high-speed IP protocol to provide you with an excellent user experience. The end users also have the ability to control their cameras using remote controlled devices. To ensure parties of the video conference free movement, an auto tracking feature is installed which alleviates the need to constantly adjust cameras, making the meeting more natural.

Professional Space for Depositions

A professional meeting room always makes a deposition smoother. When you have a deposition, you want to be in a central, convenient location where you can feel at ease. Officense will provide an executive or collaborative meeting room, depending on your specific needs and will offer assistance while you’re in the office. If you need copies made or a package received the day before you come in, we will take care of it for you, just as you would expect from your staff. When you host a deposition at Officense, you will have a caring professional experience.

Phone Services

How many times have you answered the phone only to roll your eyes at yet another solicitation call? Or received a call for the wrong person, department or company? Officense can help alleviate these common nuisances and better still, can ensure that important legal inquiries aren’t blocked by them. Your virtual assistant professionally screens calls according to your instructions so every call is custom handled. The importance of professional communication management can never be emphasized enough. You realize this, yet the time and money invested in training and retraining staff to handle call screening to your specifications can be daunting. When you choose Officense to handle your call screening needs, we will sit down with you and build a plan that works for you. And you’ll only have to do it once. We will ensure that your calls are answered the way you want them answered. Officense will train staff members and you avoid the hassle. Because when you choose Officense, we are your staff.

Mail Scanning for the Busy Legal Professional

Maybe you’ve had enough of the stacks of mail and papers and you simply want documents immediately on your electronic storage device. Officense can make that happen for the busy legal professional with our convenient virtual mailbox. We can scan and email documents to you or upload to cloud storage. Important documents reach you immediately and you don’t have to worry about sorting through physical paperwork. Let our staff upload your discovery documents and case materials instantly to your computer using our high speed scanner.