Life Coach Admin Services

As a life coach you have appointments with your clients, just as a therapist would. Much like a therapist, it can be very disruptive for your client if you get calls in the middle of an appointment. It can also be difficult for your clients when they do not receive a live answer. To solve both of these issues, and more, try Life Coach Admin Services.

What are Life Coach Admin Services? How can someone help you in any way? These are both questions that you may ask but in a nutshell, they are services for you to help you help others. They can include but are not limited to, phone answering services (as mentioned above), document services, mail handling services, courtesy services in greeting your clients upon arrival, and myriad other services. Collins dictionary says “A life coach is someone whose job involves helping people to improve their lives by doing challenging or worthwhile things.” With that in mind, let us help you help them.

Here at Officense we provide all of that. We also provide both office and conference room rental services with receptionist courtesies. Maybe your only need is to have a more prestigious location, like our Inner Harbor area. If so then one of our offices might solve your problems there. If you need help with a website or email address we have you covered there too. So, my question to you is, why do you not have life coach admin services already? To get started, please look at the next paragraph and contact us today! We’re waiting to hear from you by website, phone, email, or, we would love to meet with you in person!

For more information or to get to know us a bit better please reach out at 410-814-7500. You may also reach us through our website or by email at To meet us in person, please visit us in the Inner Harbor. Our address is 300 East Lombard Street, Suite 840, Baltimore, MD 21202.