Looking for a Small Office Space in MD?

Small Offices In MD

Are you looking for a small office space in Maryland? At Officense, we have you covered, conveniently located in the inner harbor area of downtown Baltimore, MD. We have all you could want from a Baltimore, MD address.

small office space in Maryland

What We Can Offer You

At Officense, we offer a wide variety and combination of services, including office space for all your business needs. We offer daily office usage as well as dedicated office space and the use of our conference rooms. Our offices and conference room are soundproof to keep client information private. 

We’re in the professional image business. We have available small office space with an extensive office look and feel. So why not have that small office space with big office looks to impress your clients?

In a world where you can work from home, there are times when there are better options than working from home. Distractions may arise if your children are out of school, relatives are visiting, construction in the home/neighborhood, etc. Having access to professional office settings could change everything when those distractions arise. We have just the solution if you are looking for a virtual office for remote workers.

So Why Pick Us?

Officense provides office rental and a highly skilled support team that can answer your calls, schedule your appointments, and perform back-office tasks. We’re perfect for in-office needs and virtual office needs.

Office space is one of the many services we provide here at Officense. Clients can choose between having a dedicated office or access to office space for a temporary period. With a dedicated office, clients can access a quiet area to work whenever they need. If you do not need access to an office often, our facilities package will work best for you. You will receive access to offices and conference rooms with a facilities package as required. Either option will allow you to have a professional setting to complete your work or hold meetings.

Officense is a local, customer service-focused, and comprehensive solution to all your office needs without renting office space and hiring a whole team.

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