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You've poured so much into serving others, let Officense serve you.

How We Can Help

There’s a fundraising gala next month, a major donor presentation this afternoon, an interview with a reporter this morning, and will that phone ever stop ringing?! As the leader of a non-profit organization, you work hard to ensure that every dollar you raise goes to benefit those you serve. Extra room in your budget may not exist for expensive front-end business costs. Officense is the solution. We provide low cost business services that support the crucial work of non-profit organizations every day. If you need live answering, mail management, file storage or have custom business service needs, Officense is the company you’ve been looking for.

Non-Profit CRM Services

The non-profit business owner often faces the problem of how to effectively manage all of the data that’s involved in running an organization. With all of the beneficiaries, donors, employees and volunteers, there is an overwhelming quantity of information to process. CRM management can make this process a whole lot easier for non-profit business owners. Get the help you need with Officense. We understand non-profits like no other virtual office service and will help your non-profit grow through effective data entry service and data processing. We will deliver the best in CRM services so your company can thrive through efficiency. Whether it’s lead logging, contact management, information synchronization or more, Officense is the company you need for your data processing.

Staff Assisted Consultations

When you first consult with a beneficiary, volunteer, or donor for your non-profit, you want it to be in a welcoming, professional environment. That’s why you need Officense for your meeting space needs. Clientele who use Officense even have the option of staff assisted guest greeting services, including receptionists aiding with intake applications or other preparatory materials required for consultations. With a simple phone call or email, you can be booked immediately for space. Officense will deliver the assistance you need to successfully conduct your meeting!