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The Balance Careers says ” They can work from their home or vehicle (i.e., mobile notaries) as their own boss. However, because many banks and stores now supply notary services, demand in some areas is low.” Are you working from home? Perhaps you are working from your car. Whichever it may be, if you are not working from an office you need a business address. Google and many other places require that you have a business address that is not a residence. Lets look into some of the other benefits of having a notaries business address.

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With a notaries business address you can showcase your business in a prestigious location. This attracts clients to your business. Many clients seem to have a belief that if a place is in X location it is good and if in Y location it is bad. It also helps that a lot of clients also frequent a prestigious location. Location, location, location. Isn’t that what the hotels in Florida say about their businesses?

Another advantage to a notaries business address is that, should you choose, you can have some one rid you of all of that unwanted spam and junk mail. This saves you time and streamlines your day letting you have that much more time to do what actually pays money.

Other Services

Should you choose to, you can also rent out an office to see a client in. At least, you can if you go with Officense’s notaries business address services. We offer offices by the hour, day, monthly so on and so forth. That would be great for you if you need a place that looks professional to see clients at. We also have receptionists, who are well trained, ready to assist you and your clients.

There is also the benefit of phone answering services if you go with Officense’s notaries business address services. You have the option to have your calls answered by well trained executive assistants who can transfer your calls where they need to go when they need to go. It’s always nicer to have a living person answer a phone instead of a machine or voicemail.


For more information on the notaries business address services we offer please reach out to us through our website. You can also call us at 410-814-7500 and speak with one of our sales coordinators that way. Another option is to send an email to Lastly, please feel free to speak with us in person at 300 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

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