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We live in a world of technology. Many of us work virtually, more now than ever before. Most of us rely on the internet more than we would like to admit. But even in this tech-driven world, it matters where you meet your potential clients/where you get your work done. Maybe it’s time to look into finding an office for lease.


This is discussed in the article Why Meeting Potential Clients at a Café or Your Home Office May Not be Such a Good Idea. The researchers found that “customers still value a positive first impression and old-school contact with a business before they engage their services.” They explain that it matters where initial contact takes place. So, they believe that meeting potential clients in a professional setting will give the best first impression. With that being said, leasing office space can be very beneficial.


A study by The Secret Killers of Business Success looked into what make positive or negative impacts when meeting potential clients. Their study found that “a big part of creating a positive first impression is where you physically meet your potential client”. And even more specifically, “75% said that meeting in a professional business environment has the highest positive impact”. They also found that meeting in a café or a home office both have negative impacts on the business’ first impression. Clients want the business they work with to look professional and have a professional business address.


A successful business woman, Clare Mann, is featured in the article. She works remotely, but finds it important to commute into the city to meet with potential clients. Clare finds, “meeting in a professional room was critical as she needed to set the right image for her business. People like brick and mortars, and it gives your business gravitas.” She is an example of someone working virtually, but still finds importance in meeting potential clients in an office for lease.


Officense is your solution for having a professional office space. We offer class A, fully furnished dedicated office space and month to month office space rented as needed. We have hourly conference space and hourly office space. You can avoid using your resources to pay an expensive monthly rent, while still having an impressive office to use when you need it. Give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to make a great first impression when meeting potential clients! We’ll look forward to meeting with you!

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