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As an Investment Advisor, your job is to manage your clients’ money and other financial assets. You select things for them—like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds—and then buy, sell, and monitor them within different accounts, in keeping with your client’s investment goals. With you having to manage all your clients’ money, you don’t need the extra distraction of managing your administrative tasks as well. That’s what Officense is here for. Get exceptional administrative services, such as private office rental, mail handling or phone answering from our fully-trained executive assistants.


With our phone answering training, we will greet your clients in a friendly manner and project a professional image for your investment advising company. Per your instructions for call handling, we have multiple resources to offer clients that call for you. We’re able to screen your calls, connect them to a member of your team, send them to voicemail, and/or take a message on your behalf. When you choose to work with Officense, we will ensure your clients are heard, understood, and guided accordingly. We have plenty of options for your phones. You can set them to be answered during normal business hours. Or get calls round the clock with HiLivePro, our 24/7 call answering service, all with our live staff.

Private office space available for rental

In addition to your phones, at Officense we have a coworking space with individual private offices. When you have your own office space inside a coworking environment, it provides a sense of privacy. Something you otherwise wouldn’t get with open-floor plans to limit distractions, while encouraging coworkers/other business-owners sharing the workspace to discuss business collaborations (hello, networking opportunities).

Large Conference Space and Board Rooms

If you want to meet with a larger group, we have 2 conference rooms of different sizes, equipped with a monitor for video conferencing and window views. Even if you don’t need full-time offices, we’re always be a solution, as we have very cost-effective day rates for renting the conference rooms and offices only when you need it. Officense also offers 24×7 access to the space we have provided for you, so those late-night conferences can still continue if you wish for them to.


Don’t worry about juggling between your business and your clients. We know you already feel strapped for time without those lengthy tasks interfering. Here, we focus on delivering a level of service unmatched by any other business’ virtual office. You can be instantly connected to your clients and important documents from anywhere in the world! Never miss a call or a meeting with a client again with Officense by your side. We are here to help you create a balance at your investment company, and in turn your life. Contact us today: or 410-814-7500 to learn more about our other services. We’ll talk soon!

Full-Service Offices
Collaborative conference room window view