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OFFICENSE allows us to operate a fully staffed, professional office at a fraction of the usual cost. We didn’t have to purchase an elaborate phone system; we don’t get a monthly phone bill; and we do not have to hire and train new employees. We would highly recommend their service to any non-profit organization principals to simplify their life and focus on their mission.
Officense has historically delivered high quality services with a proven track record delivering excellent services to the MIA. Officense provides the following services: answering calls; screening calls and directing to the right person or department; reviewing and suggesting process changes that further improve the caller’s experience; answering general questions about the MIA and/or connect the call to the requested party; customize the operator and call-handling services based on training from the MIA personnel; and has the ability to forward incoming calls to MIA’s voicemail system as requested and after-hours operations switched back to MIA voicemail system. The number one key advantage is cost savings. The MIA employed a receptionist to answer calls paying 25% of their salary in benefits.
Officense provides us excellent live receptionist service. The staff is very professional, thorough, and friendly to our customers. We are satisfied and would recommend Officense to others.