The Most Personalized Live Answer Phone Service Available

OFFICENSE is not just a call answering service. We aren't like other call services that use answering machines or out of country call centers. All of your calls are handled by our highly trained virtual assistants. With OFFICENSE you are able to come by and meet the assistants answering your calls, developing a level of trust and personal service you just can't find anywhere else.

Your Company's First Impression

Customers start formulating opinions of your company the second you pick up the phone. That's why a professional image and a knowledgeable presence on the other end of the phone can prove invaluable for businesses. At OFFICENSE our virtual assistants ensure that every first impression is a chance to win over a new customer.

How it Works

A Local Phone Number

We provide you with a private business phone line at no additional cost. Or, you can keep your current business number if you prefer. Our virtual answering service works with any phone number, any phone system, regardless of the number of employees. To better serve you, we individualize our service to suit your needs. We will sit down with you and listen to your vision for your business, discover what your needs are, and implement a plan to meet them.


Our professional and dedicated staff members attend to your phone when you need us and answer all calls according to your specifications. When calls come in, we start by greeting and screening them according to your instructions. We can call your phone to announce the caller, take a message, or answer their questions according to information we have available. If you want to take the call, we can connect you just as if you were in the office with us!

Advanced Features

    Have our team setup appointments, consultations, or service estimates.
    We'll process incoming payments instantly by integrating with the processing software of your choice.
    We can sync our call notes with your company CRM system to track leads, qualify lead sources, and track marketing data. Our executive assistants can even gather contact information to schedule follow up calls and emails.
    Convert website visitors to customers by using our staff to chat with your guests live. We can answer questions, refer new chat leads to your sales team, and help with customer support.
    OFFICENSE will make outbound calls for your business to confirm client appointments, schedule consultations, arrange estimates, and qualify inquiring leads.