Physician Admin Services

Thank you for making everyone healthier and doing your best to ensure that we all have a long productive life. Now, let me tell you how you can get some assistance of your own. Physician admin services are designed specifically to be a help to a physician. There are a multitude of services out there that can assist YOU. says ” Physicians report 38% (or 518,000 hours per year) of their total administrative work is unnecessary. 24% is work that could be done by another health care profession, freeing up 327,000 physician hours annually or the equivalent of approximately 1.1 million patient visits.” With that in mind, don’t you want to free up some of that unnecessary administrative work too?

Receptionists and Scheduling

Do you have to replace your receptionist fairly frequently? Is it frustrating training a new one? Well, what if someone else did the difficult part of scheduling the patients? Leaving just the meeting and greeting for the receptionist, along with some paperwork of course. That would make training time faster and easier.


Perhaps you need a better website so that new patients can find you easier. Or a website in the first place, for that matter! Obtaining one from a company that does just websites is frustrating and expensive. It’s frustrating because you may not have the technical acumen and know-how to make adjustments to it yourself. Expensive because you may need to have them fix it over and over again. Physician admin services are bundled packages that can keep updating your website as well as provide many more services. Just like any other bundles (insurance for example) that saves you money.

Other services

Officense can help with both of the above. If you want, we can also try to teach you how to edit your own website too! Other services we provide are:


For more information on these services, or others you may need, please give us a call at 410-814-7500. You can also reach out through our website or by email at We’d love to meet you, if you’ve the time, at 300 East Lombard Street, Suite 840, Baltimore, Maryland 21202!

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