Private Office Space for Rent

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spice, reds and golds, a crisp scent on the wind, and time for you to prepare for winter. Who wants to go outside and remove snow or trudge through the rain to get to the office? What about your clients, do you want them having to do that? Why not check out some private office space for rent this fall.

Reception Area

Do you like a nice view, even in the most miserable of weather? How would you like to be able to come into the office and not have to worry about decorations? Do you want your clients to enjoy the scenery a bit while they wait for you, instead of sitting in those dreary spaces that most waiting rooms seem to be? Try a private office space for rent with Officense and we can cheer up the clients with a well appointed reception area.

Our Offices

Our offices are spacious, well appointed, and reasonable. We have reception staff that are well trained and happy to make your clients feel at home. Our private office space for rent is set up so that your clients are our clients. We will see them seated, you notified, and the clients shown in to you when you are ready.

Large Conference Space and Board Rooms

Conference Rooms

We also have wonderful conference rooms for those times where you feel that you need a bit more space than your office space for rent. The plus side is you gain receptionists that are well trained already, the space you need, and also spend less than you would on more conventional space. Win win situation all around, no?

Tips gives 21 tips when renting your first office space. Some of those are:

  • Making sure it is near your team
  • Ensuring its easy access
  • Check out nearby amenities
  • Make sure that the building is secure
Virtual Office Baltimore

Our offices offer easy access (wide doorways with handicap buttons and elevators). We are near the National Aquarium, several restaurants, and hotels. The building also has good security. So, as long as we are near your team, you would be all set for our private office space for rent.

Contact Us

For more information on these services and others that we offer please see our website. You can also call us at 410-814-7500 or send an email to We also look forward to seeing you in person at 300 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.