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Programmers Phone Answering

In the hectic life that we call normal, there are a lot of reasons why we get phone calls. Some are to hire us, others are to ask a question or deal with a concern. Yet others are to deal with payments or supplies or a myriad of other details necessary in the modern business life. You are no different. The reason that there are programmers phone answering services is because you lead a very busy life. Often that life is packed with intense moments of concentration as you try to find that one tiny error in a long document of code.

Benefits of a Programmers Phone Answering Service

Lets face it, the majority of programmers are focused on the code and sometimes do not have the most professional presentation of themselves. Another reason that programmers phone answering services are beneficial is because we, the receptionists, can provide that professional presentation for you. First impressions count and wouldn’t you like your clients first impression to be ‘Wow! This place is professional and knowledgeable both!’ instead of ‘Oh, my. Did s/he sleep in that suit? Are they on drugs… their eyes are so bloodshot.’ or other less than savory impressions.

Granted, the latter may not describe you. Even if it does not though, wouldn’t you rather concentrate on your coding instead of getting nattered at by random people. Wouldn’t you rather have a programmers phone answering service instead of having random auto dialers interrupting your focus? What about telemarketers? I do not know about you, but I would rather remain focused instead of dealing with these petty annoyances.

Live Answer

phone answering

As howstuffworks.com says ” Live answering services give callers the opportunity to talk to someone who may be able to meet their particular needs better than an automated service. The operator also can decide whether the call is urgent enough to send through immediately. ” They can also screen those calls that are not urgent. Ie. You once requested information from a company to see if they would fit your needs. This was months ago and they are calling back to see if you are still interested. You probably are not. Okay, this one can go to voicemail or be told that you are not interested same as a regular telemarketer. Or what about those annoying auto dialer calls that are silence for eight to ten seconds before hanging up? Those you no longer have to deal with at all.

Business Address

First Impressions

Officense can provide a professional first impression for you and your business. We can also provide skilled, well trained individuals to answer your calls and redirect them as needed. Unlike many programmers phone answering services our services are tailor fitted to you and your business. Did you need a client to go to a particular webpage if they have x problem and a different one for problem y? We can send them there. We work with you, get your feedback, and work for you just like an employee that works in the desk out front would do.


If you are interested, give us a call at 410-814-7500, email us at info@officense.com, or come on in at 300 East Lombard St, Baltimore MD 21202. We look forward to seeing and/or hearing from you to answer your programming phone answering needs!

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