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A religious organization is the complex of institutionalized roles and procedures which regulate the relations of men with the supernatural order, however, such an order may be conceived. There are various religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism. Islam, Judaism, and others. All religions perform different kinds of religious rituals, have their own values, follow their own beliefs and practices.

With so much do in and out of the institution, you might need assistance with the incoming calls. While you are performing rituals or attending meeting you might not be able to answer all your calls. With Officense’s Religious Associations Phone Answering service, you will have well trained virtual assistants who can answer your calls, and transfer to any number you request, so you can speak with clients, regardless of your location. Letting us manage your call handling will allow you but have the freedom to focus on the work that’s important to you.

24/7 Bilingual phone service

As a religious institute, you might have clients and followers who speak a different language than just English. With our bilingual phone service, we have virtual assistants who can speak more than one language and can easily assist your clients and direct the calls to anyone at your company. With our phone answering service, you will get a dedicated phone line at a very reasonable price.

We offer 24/7 call handling, so based on your instructions we can answer and direct the calls to the appropriate person. For the unwanted spam calls and telemarketer calls, we can send them to your voicemail or let them know that we are not interested and end the call. If need be our virtual assistants can schedule appointments, consultations, take payments, data entry, handle other confidential information and so much more in a very professional manner.

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