Working Remotely

Can You Remotely Work?

Can you remotely do it?

Imagine telling someone 15 years ago that you do not have to go to an office to work. You can handle work calls, manage your office, and save your business money, all from the beach, mountain resort, or your bed remotely. They would have called you crazy. They might remind you that you were forgetting about your normal daily-grind.  Think about all of your basic duties when showing up to a traditional office. How could you remotely handle that?  In 2019 work is happening everywhere and anywhere except traditional office spaces, and employers and employees are loving it.

Is it to much money?

As time goes on, the cubicles and costly office space of the past is adding up to be a poor decision. Especially in the current fast paced, technology driven business world. The trend line is clear. Offices are falling by the wayside and new services are replacing them. The costs of a traditional office are simply too much for some small businesses. Start-up cost are increasing, entrepreneurs are rejecting these unnecessary expenses for more efficient solutions. Besides costing less, the advantages of virtual space are higher productivity and general job satisfaction. Anyone would be happier taking a work call while relaxing on the couch rather than in an office! How could you remotely go back to a traditional office setting?

You still need a place to meet

While the physical idea of being in an office is changing, the implications and thought process behind the word are not. People are interactive and social beings and still need a way to communicate face to face comfortably and efficiently. The traditional office is dead but the temporary office space, conference facility, and hourly business setting are all alive and well. Working remotely and using technology doesn’t eliminate a need to present a professional office image when you need it. It can make it outrageous to pay for a traditional space year-round, when the actual time you are using it is very minimal.

The solution is remotely simple

Maybe we’re a little ahead of our time here at Officense, offering creative alternatives to the traditional office for over 10 years. Being able to remotely handle things is the next step. But it’s like Shel Silverstein said, “If you’re behind the times, they won’t notice you. If you’re right in tune with them, you’re no better than they are, so they won’t care much for you. Be just a little ahead of them.”