Rethinking Office Space for Your Business!


Traditional Office space is a necessity of the past with Officense. Why pay for an office when you are not using it 24/7. Officense offers numerous benefits your traditional office will never include.

Polished Professional Office

Our offices are located in a class A building space, only one block for the Inner Harbor. We provide furnished staffed offices or conference rooms at a low hourly rate. Don’t shell out the big bucks for an upscale office that you have to maintain. At Officense, we take care of all the hassle associated with renting, while you focus on building your business.

Prestigious Address

Officense provides you with more than a P.O. Box. In the heart of the central business district you receive a prestige address for your company’s online search ability. A physical address opposed to a P.O. box will improve your Google listing. Now, your clients can stop by your professional address to receive exceptional assistance from our fully trained staff.

Bonus Services

Our members receive exclusive benefits. We provide premium 24/7 access to our space for VIP members. No one else in the area offers such a perk! In addition, you get free access to our kitchen, free coffee, a high speed Wi-Fi. Finally, our hotel partners offer discounted suites for your out of town clientele.
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