Teacher Association’s Call Answering

As a teacher, you work with the students during regular and after hours. Being a teacher you have various task to cover on a daily basis which includes getting early to work, plan your daily activities, record papers, and grades, collaborate with other teachers, attend faculty meetings, organize classrooms and course materials, manage extra-curricular activities, keep up with students and discipline them individually, communicate with the parents and also if required spend extra time and money to buy necessary educational materials. So all in all teaching jobs can be very challenging and time-consuming. So, why not sign up for a Teacher Association’s call answering service to manage your front-end communication.

How can Officense help?

Besides all your daily work, when you run your own association there is always more work to be done. Between answering emails, answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, and much more. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the workload. As a very busy instructor, having an executive assistant would allow you to use your time more adequately.

24/7 Call Handling

Officense has the means needed to assist you in making your work life easier at your company. Officense has experienced, professional Executive Assistants to answer your business calls from any location. With Teacher Association’s Call answering, your company will receive a dedicated business phone line answered 24/7. Our executive assistants undergo rigorous training to act as members of your staff.

Your business calls are greeted and handled to your exact specifications. After greeting the caller and collecting information, your call will be instantly connected to you. Or we can take a customized message or transfer the call to voicemail. We can even answer your calls and have them transferred to any number you request, so you can speak with your clients, regardless of your location.

With our 24/7 service, someone will always be there to speak with your clients, even if it’s after-hours. The staff is the teacher association’s support. It gives you time to focus on your job’s additional responsibilities. We obtain the information and help you grow your customer base, and provide excellent service to your customers! No more worrying about missing calls! Don’t let your important calls and client hear the frustrating tone of the voicemail beep. Instead, discover the asset Officense will be to your business. 

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