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The Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Tool

Through email marketing, small businesses are acquiring the necessary resources and tools to improve their performance and grow their business. For some small businesses hiring a team to handle marketing is simply not affordable. As a result, companies are searching for other ways to go about reaching new customers, through automated marketing technics like mass emailing.


Email Marketing is a strategy used for sending emails to prospective clients and current customers. This can be more useful than traditional advertising since a majority of consumers check their email on a daily basis. It is a challenge attempting to stay on top of everything including customers and emails but using this software will allow you to stay in control of the content, keep track of emails, and staying up to date with trends.


Advantages of using email marketing are pricing, design, time-saving automation, and an increase in sales:

  • Pricing:

Some marketing tools are paid, while some provide you with a free version for up to a certain number of subscribers and emails per month.

  • Design:

Being able to control design allows you to provide more branding and creativity to your business.

  • Time – Saving:

With automation and bulk lists, you will not need to spend time sending emails with scheduling tools, instead, you can schedule a time that the email is sent so that it will easily reach and be opened by all of your clients.

  • Increased in Sales:

You can promote your new ideas or products with a click of a button to encourage customers to try out your products or visit your website.


Likewise, the disadvantages of using this tool are the risk of being detected as spam, size issues, and undeliverable emails:

  • Spam:

Some email providers may label your email as spam which ruins the purpose of using an email marketing tool.

  • Size Issues:

If a file is too large, then it may take longer to download or it may not download at all. This can cause you to lose out on reaching members of your target audience.

  • Undelivered Emails:

One challenge of sending an email is making sure you have the correct email address for your customer. If you do not have a high quality and accurate email list many of the messages will bounce.


Furthermore, if you are new to email marketing there is an easy way to get started and learn the basics.  At Officense, we can assist you with developing your marketing campaign or setting up an email marketing account to add more customers to your business.  We’ve been providing administrative support for small businesses for over 10 years and allowing companies to focus more on clients.  If you are interested in someone managing your email marketing efforts or setting up a bulk email campaign, then give us a call at 410-814-7500 or check out our virtual assistant page.