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Video Conferencing Services: Professional & Innovative Communication


January 18|

Officense is proud to announce the addition of video conferencing services.

Video conferencing provides an innovative and powerful channel of professional communication with the ability to visually correspond with one’s counterparts nationally or internationally instantaneously.

“One of the key strategic objectives for OFFICENSE, since it became independent April 2010, was to offer its clients the freedom to work with their clients/vendors in any city they desired – cost effectively. Last year we partnered with a virtual office network that extends our reach into over 750 offices worldwide. The beginning of this year, at the request of several of our clients who wished to save on travel cost and time, we are launching video conferencing based on our clients’ interest in this service. Now they can hold legal depositions, board meetings or presentations at a moment’s notice.” says Michael McNulty.

Our market research into video conferencing turned up many more benefits. Some of the key ones are listed below in no particular order depending on your circumstances:

  • Greatly reduced costs! No more travel expenses of plane fare, baggage fees, and hotel stays required for face-to-face meetings.
  • Eliminate travel safety and security issues and significantly reduce travel time commitments.
  • Maintain closer relationship with clients through visual contact.
  • Increase productivity by enabling faster decision making for the development of new ideas, products and services.
  • Improve company effectiveness and reduce risks by eliminating blind approvals of over the phone descriptions.
  • Conduct meetings with various people, from different locations, for a quick discussion or a planned conference. Just walk into the video conference room and everyone is there; whether they are actually two miles away or two states away!
  • Shorten the hiring process by conducting interviews without coordinating numerous schedules or requiring someone to travel.
  • For Eco-Friendly supporters, reduce carbon foot print by dramatic reduction of travels.

Video conferencing is provided through a 42” High Definition (HD) monitor and a Polycom video camera, allowing users to experience in-person quality , even when located miles away. The remote control access allows users to easily control cameras on either ends of the communication session and its auto adjustment also allows you to move freely without the constrictions of sitting still.

Officense video conferencing services provide the simplicity of setting up a conference at anytime. Expanded hours are available to access video conference rooms 24/7. Additional administrative and business services are also available per request.

For more information, contact Noah Shumway at 410-814-7500|info@officense.com

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