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Virtual Assistants

Virtual Reception and Administrative Support

OFFICENSE gives your business a virtual assistant who offers the same level of professional support, whether you are at home, in the next office or in a totally different area of the world. We make seamless connectivity possible no matter where you are using our innovative “Follow Me Communications”. When a call comes in, your callers can be connected to your phone within seconds, no matter where you are. You choose how much you want to be “in the office” throughout the day, and our virtual receptionists we have you covered at the front desk. All our receptionists are highly trained to provide you the best support possible to aid business growth. We go over and above phone support and help you focus on the bigger business picture while we handle small tasks. Our virtual assistants can help you with appointment scheduling, data entry of various business related documents, purchases, billing of your clients, transcription and more. We have a professional virtual assistant to help you for any service you may need!

Virtual Assistants

Time is a critical resource for business owners, one you can’t afford to waste on endless details. Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to focus on your core business agenda and let OFFICENSE handle all your administrative needs? We go beyond call answering and become part of your company. All our virtual assistants are highly trained to represent your company image in each of your calls. We can provide custom call handling through learned knowledge about how best to address the questions and concerns of your callers. Our approach helps all your clients feel valued and appreciated, creating customer loyalty. We have professional virtual assistants who can assist you with any number of tasks you may need handled and you pay only for the time you use. Whether you desire administrative or secretarial services such as call handling, arrangement for travel, presentation preparation, or even management of special reports, we have virtual assistants who can provide the services you need.

Small Business Support

At Officense, we understand the numerous challenges that come with a startup business. For this reason, we offer administrative support to startups which leverages your business in the market and frees up as much of your time as possible so you can focus on new clients. OFFICENSE can provide management consulting, accounting data entry and development of a marketing campaign, streamlining business to improve productivity, creating and managing spreadsheets, as well as creating word documents. We can also assist you in sending and receiving faxes, filing of business documents, mail processing and screening for important documents, email handling, as well as handling application forms and their collection.