Virtual Legal Assistants

Increase Productivity

Studies show that attorneys who spend more time practicing law, and less time on administrative tasks earn significantly more annually. Every second you are using to do a task which we could handle more effectively, is a second you are not working on case study or courtroom preperations. Let us handle the mundane while you do the things you enjoy and spent years in school training for.

Simple Client Communication

When a potential new client calls your number and gets a voicemail message you are risking missing out on a new case. Instead, make your new client's first impression pleasant and simple by having an Officense virtual legal assistant answer your calls. We can answer questions, send out client intake forms, take a personal message, or connect the call to you directly.

Reduce Overhead

Officense is the perfect solution for solo attorneys, small firms, court reporters, arbitrators, and other legal pro's who want a professional reception service without the costs of hiring and training a front office staff.

24/7 Phone Answering Service

Would you hire a company if you called and heard a busy signal? Today, when people can't get in touch with you they are quick to move on to a competitor. Don't let these leads slip by just because you can't be near your phone all day. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing an Officense virtual legal assistant has you covered!