What is a virtual address?

Earlier this week, we explained a virtual office and some of the services offered. So today, let’s dive more specifically into addresses at these virtual offices and the address services we provide here at Officense.

virtual address for business

So, what is this type of address?

It is a street address you can use as a mailing address or business address without physically needing you or your business to occupy that space.

Virtual mailboxes offer a few more options and added flexibility that a regular address does not provide. They allow you to view and manage any mail you receive at the address from any device, anywhere. Your mailbox provider can receive and scan any correspondence you receive.

At Officense, we offer various services to meet your needs, including address services. We create and cultivate an environment where our address is your address. You will not see Officense listed anywhere in the building, and you will have access to a mailbox that’s yours in our offices.

So why choose a virtual address?

This unique kind of address allows you to register a business in a different city, freedom from limiting you to a physical space, and access to your mail remotely if combined with a virtual mailbox. It can allow you to have your business in any area you’d like that’s available to you. With Officense, you’d have a high-profile Baltimore inner harbor address.

This type of address is also great if you’re a solo entrepreneur, freelancer, and frequent traveler who could use an address service while living on the go. There are many possibilities with a virtual address, and we’re here to help you find the best plan for your needs.