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Best Answering Service for Lawyers

Are you looking for the best answering service for lawyers you can get? Well it’s all in what you want, what you need, and what you can afford. This post will go over the variety of services that you can get in an answering service package. Then, I will show you what really is the best answering service for lawyers available.


To truly be the best answering service for lawyers, it has to be flexible. There are a bunch of options that a lawyer could potentially need. There’s scheduling, simple call answering, there’s dealing with telemarketers and robo calls, and there is also dealing with irate clients. All of these things are likely to occur when you answer a phone for a lawyer. Lawyerist says “You can get a virtual receptionist just for answering the phone, but many offer additional services like appointment scheduling and confirmation, client intake, live chat, or even taking payments and getting retainer agreements signed.”


Scheduling is a headache in and of itself. The best answering service around may not be the best answering service for lawyers if it does not provide good scheduling options. These can include utilizing your calendar, using Google calls, setting up Zoom meetings, and a wide variety of other possibilities.


Everyone needs to deal with telemarketers now a days. There are also those obnoxious robo calls that just keep you waiting for someone to speak. Both of these nuisances need not annoy you any longer. The best answering service for lawyers will play middleman and ensure that neither call type ever reaches you.

Irate Clients

Finally, the best answering service for lawyers will handle irate clients with diplomacy and ease. They will know how to moderate the irritation and calm a client. They can sooth a client and they can get a client to relax a bit instead of being so irate. Finally, they will keep the irate client from calling you, yourself, at all hours of the day or night.

The Best Phone Answering Service for Lawyers

Officense has the ability to do all of these things and so much more. This is why we are the best answering service for lawyers. If you look at our website you will see we also have conference rooms available to rent, offices that you can rent by the hour, or on a more permanent basis. We also offer business address services in a prominent and prestigious location. We have a wide range of business services that we can offer custom based to yours and your company’s needs.


For more information, please feel free to give us a call at 410-814-7500. You can also send us an email to or use the chat feature on our website. Of course, we would be glad to meet with you in person at 300 East Lombard Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. We hope to hear from you soon!


In the article Traditional Workspace or Virtual Office? Three Tips for Founders to Consider, they discuss the 6 fundamental needs people seek to meet through work. The needs we seek are the feeling of achievement, autonomy, belonging, sense of purpose, sense of security, and status. They believe that both traditional office space and virtual offices can fulfill these needs, and that it is about finding the right fit as a startup business founder. Of course, there are financial setbacks when finding startup office space. Most founders cannot afford to spend funds building their own office but want the appearance of a professional office. But renting commercial office space “can come with a hefty monthly price tag”. This is why I think that coworking spaces are ideal for new business owners.

The article also gives tips for founders to consider when starting their business. The first being to “obtain a work mailing address”. They suggest getting a P.O box, but to avoid having it sound like one. This allows you to look professional, even if you do not have a professional office space yet. The second and third tip are to use free virtual conferencing tools and to find conference room options with low rates. Utilizing free or inexpensive space is best when starting your business. But overall, as a new business owner, you should “create your own combination of traditional and non-traditional methods to achieve optimal space conditions”.


Another article, Why Coworking Spaces Are Here to Stay, explains that “young entrepreneurs are looking to coworking facilities to grab relatively inexpensive office space”. Because of today’s technology, “an office worker can be mobile and an on-the-go entrepreneur would simply be wasting money by paying for a full time office”. The use of non-traditional office space taps into some of the fundamental needs I mentioned. We want autonomy, the freedom to not work in one space for 8 hours a day. But as social beings, we still seek for a sense of belonging and interactions with colleagues. Coworking office space helps bring these two needs together. This is why “young entrepreneurs with new companies that require very little office area are starting out in coworking spaces to save money and meet others to collaborate with”.


At Officense, we can meet all of your coworking needs. We can provide you space to collaborate and be around others, while also giving you the freedom to make your own schedule. Our virtual phone and administrative services appeal to your need for autonomy. Our instant offices and commercial space for rent gives you that traditional work environment when you need it. We also offer you more than just a P.O Box. We give you a prestigious downtown address with virtual mail services including mail sorting, notifications, and forwarding when you need it.


We offer class A, fully furnished dedicated office space and month to month office space rented as needed, without the hefty price tag. There are conference rooms by the hour, at the low rates you need. You can avoid using your resources to pay an expensive monthly rent, while still having impressive office to use when you need it. We offer front desk reception, phone services, a business mailing address and beautiful startup office space overlooking the Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. You are able to completely customize the way your run your business.  Create your ideal mix of traditional and non-traditional office space. Give Officense a call at (410) 814-7500 to meet your new staff and tour your new business location, today!

Nonprofit’s administrative support

As a nonprofit organization leader, you are on the clock with your current and potential donors, charities, and financial managers 24/7. Nonprofit leaders spend the maximum of their time working in the field. They are always busy running charities, managing all the donations and volunteers, and taking care of the overall firm. Meeting deadlines, and managing all aspects of your organization can be very overwhelming. So, keeping your busy schedule in mind and making yourself available to your clients without being interrupted. You need your front-end business, administrative tasks, and communication need to be handled by Officense’s nonprofit’s administrative support.

Your key to success is with Officense

Several nonprofits have found Officense’s phone answering service and administrative support to be the best solutions to manage their communication and administrative needs. We understand the problem very well. Therefore, we are here to provide the solutions that fit best for your business. Communication and business process outsourcing with Officense can help you ensure that all communication and front-end business needs are fulfilled in a very professional manner. You can prioritize and work on more important tasks, while we manage all your administrative tasks,

With officense’s administrative support service you will receive all the backing of our company and still retain all of your entrepreneurial autonomy. The Officense team not only supports your business but acts as a part of your staff. You can decide how your calls and general business communication will be handled. You have an opportunity to pick and choose the custom package that you like, and also decide how much you pay.

Officense will screen calls according to your instructions and ensure you receive only the calls you want when you want them. We can also use the script you’ve given us to answer basic queries, access a shared database to give information to callers. We can also capture leads, schedule appointments, direct calls to the appropriate member, and more.

In addition, we can sort, scan, and forward your mail as per your request. As your staff, we can greet and take care of all your walking clients.. We can make copies/ prints of the documents that your clients need if requested. All in all, we can take the responsibility of managing all your administrative work efficiently.

Contact us

OFFICENSE’s professional address, offices, conference rooms, and live answer phone services lend instant credibility to any nonprofit. That’s the beauty of Officense! We will direct you and will work with you to help you grow in the business field. Give us a call at (410)-814-7500 to get more information, today!

Outsourced Non Profit Services

Have you been considering whether you should outsource some of your needs? Do you wonder if that would be a sound decision for you? Are you concerned that the cost will outweigh the benefits? Would you like your questions answered? For all these things and more, please keep reading as I discuss outsourced non profit services.


Non profits tend to be on very tight budgets. Because of this each member ends up covering a lot of roles. Sometimes the roles they are covering are quite difficult and time consuming. Other times, there are no members qualified to take on those roles. This is where a non profit might wish to look into alternatives. These alternatives are outsourced non profit services and have a wide variety. Some non profits need help with their taxes as they are more complex than most. Others need assistance with day to day accounting. There are also those that need assistance with just payroll. The main point is that each non profit is different and due to those differences need different areas of assistance.


With Officense, we offer you a large line of choices for outsourced non profit services. You can utilize us as one stop shop for your needs. What is even better is that as well as having a wide range of services, you only pay for what YOU need. We are very customizable. With secretarial, administrative, and telephone services we can handle a wide plethora of needs. Do you need to have a meeting and don’t have meeting space, we’ve got you covered. Do you need database support? We can handle that too.


As MST says “There’s no “right” answer here. Your nonprofit organization’s needs, structure and culture are unique. The preferred scenario is the one that works for you.” We here at Officense, can only hope that we are what works for you. If you’d like to get in touch with us for outsourced non profit services then please call us at 410-814-7500. You can also visit our website, send an email to or come on down to our prestigious location in the inner harbor. Our address is 300 E Lombard St. Suite 840, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. We look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can help you as you help so many others.

Private Office for Rent Near Me

There has been some great strides to end the worldwide effects of COVID-19. The global pandemic has impacted the business world drastically, causing owners and clients alike to adjust to a completely new norm.  Renting a private office for your work needs will help aid in the adjustment to this new realm.

Virtual Office near me

Co-working was once to be the new way forward for many companies, given the current world climate, it is no longer the best option. Companies have leaned towards co-working in the past, as it provides varying rates, lease flexibility, and the security of not having to worry about office management.

Co-working spaces also often include all utilities in their pricing, provide a multitude of office resources, and have on-site staff to support their members. However, here at Officense we can provide you with all of those same amenities and services all while you enjoy a private office space! It is literally the best of both worlds!

We have been taking great measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the office including a daily office maintenance around the clock, cleaning any common areas within the office. In addition, with a private office space, you have less germs to worry about and the freedom to create your own sense of comfort within the workplace.


For more information on our private office space for rent, or to check the spaces themselves out, please feel free to visit us at 300 East Lombard St., Baltimore, MD 21202. You can also check out our website or give us a call at 410-814-7500. Emails can be sent to We look forward to hearing from you!

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